Android Device Manager can now remotely lock your device

Android Device Manager can now remotely lock your device

A minor update to Google’s Android Device Manager has been pushed out today. Users who enable the service will be better protected now with the ability to remotely lock a device. In order to activate this feature, you’ll have to give Android Device Manager permission to manage your phone. You can find the setting in the app called “Google Settings.”

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Previously, ADM only allowed users to remotely ring or erase a device. Now users will see a third button to lock a device. The implementation of remote lock is impressively secure; ADM will be able to override any password you currently have on your device so a device can’t be unlocked without that new passcode.

If your phone is off or in airplane mode, ADM will trigger the remote lock as soon as the device connects to the internet. ADM will even black out your screen to make sure no one can get to any sensitive information you may have.

Still, none of this will matter if you don’t have your Google Account secured. To prevent hackers from gaining access to your account, make sure to enable two-factor authentication if you haven’t already.

[Source: Android Police ]

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