App Inventor: now anyone can make an Android app

App Inventor: now anyone can make an Android app

Last week I told you about Nokia’s new Ovi App Wizard, which allows anyone to create their own Symbian applications. Today, Google has launched something similar in the shape of App Inventor, which allows budding developers to make Android apps without any technical knowledge.

App Inventor features a graphical user interface that lets you design and build applications by dragging and dropping elements onto the screen. Google has literally gone back to school with App Inventor, working with junior and high school kids to help ensure the editor is as easy to use as possible. In fact, it promises that making programs with App Inventor won’t require a single line of coding.

I’m still waiting on my invite for App Inventor and will be curious to see what the scope of this development tool is. On the face of it, App Inventor certainly looks more advanced than the Ovi App Wizard, which essentially just serves web feeds. My fear though, after watching the promotional video, is that the Android Market is about to become the biggest repository of crap apps on the planet.


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