App of the Week: Alien Isolation

App of the Week: Alien Isolation

Softonic’s App of the Week highlights some of the coolest, most unique, and biggest app releases for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. This week, get scared straight playing the creepy Alien: Isolation.

As Amanda Ripley, daughter of the late Ellen Ripley from the original Alien movie, you’ll have to maneuver your way around the Sebastapol station as you try to determine what happened. All this, while avoiding Apollo droids, the sabotaging AI of the ship, and of course, the Alien. Being stealth is more important than defense, and you’ll have to keep out of eye’s sight to stay alive. Check out the video below for more about the game.

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If you want more from Alien: Isolation, watch Editor Alex Beech as he plays the game.

Download Alien: Isolation for Windows.

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