App of the Week – DiRT Rally

App of the Week – DiRT Rally

Softonic’s App of the Week highlights some of the coolest, most unique, and popular apps that have been released for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. This week’s we are looking at developer Codemasters’s latest installment of its off-road racing series DiRT Rally.

The release of this game on to Steam’s Early Access caught everyone by surprise, dropping completely unannounced onto the store. As an Early Access title, the game isn’t technically finished, and purchasing it now at a reduced price ensures you get the final version and regular updates along the course of its development.

Even though there is still more to come, that hasn’t stopped Codemasters squeezing a decent amount of content into this initial release. There are 17 cars on offer, and 36 stages across three locations – more than enough of a taste to keep you hooked until the next update.

Oh, and it looks stunning. For more on DiRT Rally, check out why this is the rally game we’ve been waiting for.

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