Apple Design Awards 2007

Apple Design Awards 2007

Apple Design AwardsApple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) also saw the eagerly awaited annual Apple Design Awards. This ceremony rewards the best designed applications for Mac. It’s an opportunity for developers to showcase their new software and for us to discover some hot Apple apps.

It’s no surprise Delicious Library 2.0 Alpha took the prize for best Leopard application. Spotlight integration, Core Animation and Core Data: this app looks really exciting and will blend in well with the new Leopard finder. Coda, with its skillfull integration of browser, editor, and publisher also got an award for best User Experience. Picturesque picked up the prize for best Student Product. Thanks to its implementation of Cocoa and Core Graphics, the whole process of editing your photos is really sleek.

So what are the Apple apps we think should have also picked up something? The soon to be released Omnifocus for its new way to tackle productivity, Frenzic, the puzzle game that tests your reflexes or the Twitterific tool, emblematic of one of this year’s most hyped about services. Anyways, here’s a run down of this year’s winners:

Leopard Application

Winner: Delicious Library 2.0 Alpha

Runner Up: iBank 3.0a

User Experience

Winner: Coda 1.0

Runner Up: Sandvox 1.2

Developer Tool

Winner: CSSEdit 2.5

Runner Up: rooSwitch 1.1.8


Winner: WOW Burning Crusade

Runner Up: Wacky Mini Golf 1.0.1

Scientific Computing Solution

Winner: Papers 1.0

Runner Up: Single Crystal 1.3

Dashboard Widget

Winner: BART

Runner Up: PEMDAS

Student Product

Winner: Picturesque 1.0

Runner Up: Pathway 1.0

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