Apple Design Awards 2008 are open

Apple Design Awards 2008 are open


Every year around May, Apple organize their renowned Developer Conference where they invite programmers and developers from the world around to hear about all the new developments from the Cupertino firm. Last year Steve Jobs showed off a Beta of Leopard, announced Safari for Windows, but most importantly, gave a launch date for the iPhone and announced support for third party development on it. Though this time around nothing of the magnitude of the iPod or the iPhone should be announced we can always expect Steve Jobs to have something surprising in store.

The conference is also an opportunity to announce the yearly Design Awards, which recognize the best designed software for Mac. Winning, or even simply being nominated, is always a huge honor. We covered last year’s winners and will make sure to announce the winner’s for you again this time around.

The deadline to submit your entry for the awards is the 15th of May. iPhone development is now a main part of the awards and the new device is blessed with two categories, ‘iPhone Developer Showcase’ and ‘Best iPhone Web Application’. Categories for ‘Scientific Computing Solution’ and ‘Dashboard Widget’ have been removed which seems to imply that widget development has died down a bit. There are many prizes to win including two 15″ Macbook Pros, two 30″ Cinema Displays and a 16 GB iPod Touch and I’m sure Apple won’t find themselves short of entries.

What applications stand a chance to win something this year? Some of our favorites include the new Adobe Lightroom, Flow, Changes, CoverSutra, or Doozla. Let us know which ones are your favorites for this year.

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