Apple Music Classical breaks Android barrier, but hints at bigger plans ahead

More than 5 million parts in all our devices

Apple Music Classical breaks Android barrier, but hints at bigger plans ahead
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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Apple Music is one of the most popular streaming music platforms worldwide, and now, the Cupertino-based company has gone a step further in its music offerings. With the launch of Apple Music Classical, the company has focused on meeting the needs of classical music lovers. The service is presented as a standalone application within Apple Music, with an unprecedented classical music library of more than five million pieces.

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The news of the launch of Apple Music Classical on the iPhone was very well received by Apple Music subscribers. Now, the company has announced that the app will also be available on Android devices in the near future, allowing an even wider audience to access its classical music catalog.

A version for Android, as well as for Mac, iPad and CarPlay

The announcement of the arrival of Apple Music Classical on Android is not a big surprise, since Apple already offers the standard version of Apple Music on Android devices. However, seeing assumptions confirmed is always nice, even more so for such a release.

Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music and Beats, explained in a press release that Apple Music Classical “is just the beginning” of the company’s classical music offering:

“We love music, and classical music is fundamental to music of all genres. Apple Music Classical is a dedicated app that’s ideal for both classical music experts and anyone new to the genre, with the world’s largest selection of classical music, the best search and browse features, the best sound experience with Spatial Audio, and thousands of exclusive recordings.”

“We believe this is the best classical music streaming experience available anywhere, and for us, this is just the beginning.”

In fact, the arrival of Apple Music Classical on the Mac, iPad and also on CarPlay should also be on the horizon, although the company has not revealed details on when it might be available. However, with the success the service is having on iPhone, it is more than likely that the company is already working on versions of Apple Music Classical for all other devices.

And “this is just the beginning”

Apple Music Classical is presented as the world’s largest classical music library. A wide range of pieces, different interpretations, orchestras, conductors and soloists, among many others. But it goes much further. And the first thing you notice is the sound quality.

Apple has remastered a large number of pieces to offer the highest audio quality. It offers virtually all of the pieces in Lossles format, and many of them in 24 bits/192 kHz quality, ideal for capturing all the nuances of this type of music. In addition, Apple has also given a good boost to Spatial Audio, as many of the pieces come in Dolby Atmos format, allowing us to enjoy them as if we were in the center of the action.

Apple didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to remind us of the search optimization work it has done with Apple Music Classical. As we can see in the ad that accompanies this article, the system allows us to easily find any recording in a matter of seconds. That’s not to mention the expertly curated playlists, composer biographies and detailed descriptions of thousands of works.

Apple Music Classical DOWNLOAD

The launch of Apple Music Classical is great news for classical music lovers looking for a premium listening experience, from Beethoven to Tchaikovsky. With a selection of over 5 million tracks and the highest possible sound quality, the service promises to deliver an unparalleled experience. And, to top it all off, “this is just the beginning”.

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