Apple Music update includes Android Auto support

The moment many Android users have been waiting for has finally arrived.

A few days ago, Apple Music officially updated the Android version of its app for music to support Android Auto. With this, Apple Music users can now control music through their car’s infotainment system. It will allow them to use their car like the mobile app to switch songs and search through playlists. The private Apple Music beta version for Android was rolled out at the end of August, but with the new iOS 12 release, a new search function was introduced as well.


Previously, the Apple Music app was limited to searching by song title, artist, or album on the iOS version. Now, if you are having a hard time remembering that and just have that one line from a song stuck in your head you can use the new feature ‘search by lyrics’. Just type in that line and the app pulls a number of songs from Apple’s database with that lyric and a few that are closely similar.

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Other cool features in the update include an improved design for the new artist page, ‘friends mix’ – a playlist made up select songs that your friends have been listening to, and the top 100 songs from countries all over the world.




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