Apple Watch Ultra 2 dimmed in the dark, users are not happy

Apple Watch Ultra 2 dimmed in the dark, users are not happy
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

Apple, known for its cutting-edge technology, recently launched the Apple Watch Ultra 2, which boasts impressive hardware upgrades. However, amidst the buzz of its remarkable features, users have started reporting an unexpected glitch in its display. It seems that in low-light conditions, the Apple Watch Ultra 2’s screen becomes challenging to read.

User reports raise concerns

Tech enthusiasts have taken to Apple Community forums and Reddit to share their experiences with the Apple Watch Ultra 2’s display problem. According to these users, the display on the Watch Ultra 2 dims significantly in low-light settings, making it nearly impossible to access information on the screen. It’s like trying to navigate a dark room with a flashlight that’s losing its power.

While some users point fingers at the watch’s hardware, an interesting twist comes into play. Reports suggest that first-generation Watch Ultra users are encountering a similar issue. This raises questions about a potential software link, particularly with Apple’s watchOS 10 update, released in September. Is this glitch rooted in hardware, or could there be a software bug lurking in the shadows?

When and where it happens?

Users have noted that the dim display issue becomes most noticeable when transitioning from a well-lit environment to a darker one. The problem seems to particularly affect users who opt for the Wayfinder and Ultra Modular watch faces. Reports indicate that this issue plagues both Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2 models running watchOS 10.0.1 and watchOS 10.0.2.

Apple’s Response: A Glimpse of Hope

The reassuring news is that Apple is not ignoring this display hiccup. Reports suggest that the tech giant is well aware of the problem and is actively working on a solution. Given Apple’s track record of addressing user concerns through software updates, it’s reasonable to expect that this issue will soon be a thing of the past.

The Bright Side of Apple Watch Ultra 2

Despite the dim display issue, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has a number of outstanding features that have received significant acclaim. The dazzling display is the outstanding feature, with a high brightness rating of 3,000 nits. This makes it the brightest display on an Apple wristwatch ever. Its capacity to dim down to 1 nit is also significant, ensuring that it does not blind you in the darkest of conditions.

Furthermore, despite keeping the same 542mAh battery as its predecessor, Apple has enhanced the watch’s battery life. The watch’s low-power mode now allows it to survive an amazing 72 hours on a single charge. Apple’s commitment to sustainability is also clear, with the watch’s case made of 95% recycled titanium, which aligns with the company’s eco-friendly activities.

Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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