April Fools’ Roundup

April Fools’ Roundup

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. April Fools’ is back for good, so you’d better keep your eyes open to avoid any pranks you may fall for. That doesn’t necessarily mean that anything you see or read on this day is going to be a joke – Gmail was launched on April 1st, remember? – but a little bit of suspicion is advisable.

For those of you who qualify as the official prankster in your class or at work, there are dozens of apps you can use to have a good laugh at your mates. We collected some of them in this post about prank software, conveniently organized by type: custom error messages, mouse tricks, desktop animations and voice effects. Another handy list is this top 10 geek jokes, which includes tools to create fake blue screens of death, remap the victim’s keyboard or create funny photo compositions, among other equally mean ideas.

April Fools’ RoundupThe Internet is not safe from pranks either. A couple of years ago we wrote another April Fools’ roundup with links to the best online pranks we found that day. Things like Virgle (the first permanent human colony on Mars sponsored by Virgin and Google), YouTube’s hilarious rickrolling, WoW’s alleged version for consoles or the USB Pregnancy Test you could buy on ThinkGeek all caught our attention.

We couldn’t finish this post without a special mention to our own April Fools’ jokes. Satellite Live (2008), Shouttr (2009) and All2All Converter (2010) have been really fun to create and review. Hope you liked them as well!

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