Arrow, The Flash, Jane The Virgin… The most shocking cliff-hangers of the season!

The most recent seasons of our favorite shows left us shaken, rattled, and rolled. From “13 Reasons Why” to “Game of Thrones” or “House of Cards” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” many different series set massive expectations for their next seasons.

To help you choose what to watch, we have decided to focus on a few of the best cliff-hangers of the season.

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Game of Thrones

Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” ended on a high. A mind-blowing finale in which the Night King brought down the Wall with an ice dragon. The White Walkers are on their way and that sends shivers down our spine. Completely insane footage which suggests that a sequel even more thrilling is yet to come. The end of this season will also be remembered for THE revelation that we had all been waiting for. Now that Daenerys and Jon Snow have finally decided to get together, it has been revealed that they come from the same family. In fact, our young man, under his real name Aegon Targaryen, is the nephew of Khaleesi. It is fair to say that season 8 is eagerly anticipated by fans.

The Flash

Once again, “The Flash” left fans with many questions. Season 4 of the series concluded with a huge revelation: the mysterious daughter is none other than Nora, the daughter of Barry and Iris, who traveled from the future. Did she disrupt the timeline by traveling to the past to find her parents?


The 23rd and last episode of season 6 of “Arrow” changed everything. By deciding to get rid of Oliver, screenwriters have struck a heavy blow and have created an explosive and captivating finale. With good reason, the main character ended up in prison after admitting to being the Green Archer. We also saw the tragic death of Quentin Lance. These two events could change everything for the residents of Star City.

How to Get Away with Murder

Season 4 of “How To Get Away with Murder” concluded with a big mystery. Accustomed to open endings, the series has introduced a completely new character who we were not expecting: Gabriel Maddox, a handsome young man who Frank met at University. Since then, rumors have begun to fly around on social media. Is this student the son of Bonnie or Annalise Keating? We will have to wait a little longer to discover the truth!


This summer, “Ozark” was a Netflix gem. The plot? Martin Byrde, brilliantly played by Jason Bateman, together with his partner Bruce, made a habit of money laundering for a Mexican drug lord. His only problem? His friend Bruce grew too greedy for his own good, and has been stealing from the cartel. To resolve the situation, the drug lord decided to kill them. However, in a desperate act to save his life, Byrde made him an attractive offer: to continue laundering money. And that is how this family man moved with his wife and kids to a lost corner of Missouri to begin his life of crime. Once there, Byrde has to square off against Jacob Snell, a local drug dealer. Despite the season-long tension, the finale concluded with an even bloodier ending. When they were not expecting it, Snell’s wife killed the Mexican drug lord, leaving Martin Byrde in shock, and us, too.

Station 19

To conclude season 1, “Station 19” made sure it went out with a bang. While firemen were putting out a fire in a building, a large explosion went off. As you may have already assumed, the screenwriters seem to have chosen not to spare any of the main characters. Will Miller, Jack, Vic, Maya, Ben, Travis, and Andy all get out alive? It’s the question on everyone’s mind. And if that were not enough, Captain Pruitt Herrera has passed out in the barracks. We can certainly expect the sequel to be a somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster!

Jane The Virgin

The Season Finale of season 4 of “Jane The Virgin” is most certainly one of the most noteworthy of them all. Although we had believed him to be dead for more than four years – and despite having cried ourselves dry after that scene – Michael made his grand return to the series! The unexpected comeback left viewers flabbergasted.

What a shock for Jane! Could it be Rose wearing a mask? Does Michael have a long-lost twin, has he lost his memory, or did he simply fake his own death? There are many questions left to be answered!

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