Generate Your Own Images with AI: Say Goodbye to Stock Photos Forever

Generate Your Own Images with AI: Say Goodbye to Stock Photos Forever
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In an increasingly digitized world, social networks have managed to become a cornerstone of our daily routine. Instagram is one of the most used and influential in terms of the dissemination of images and visual content.


However, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and it is estimated that in a few years artificial intelligence will be behind most of the images we upload to social networks. The most surprising (or disturbing) thing is that we will find it increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from what has been invented.

At least this is what Santiago (@svpino), an engineer specialized in machine learning, tells us. Through his Twitter, he has provided some Python lines that show how vulnerable we are in this situation. And he claims that the death of Instagram is imminent. Are we facing the beginning of a technological revolution that will change our perception of reality?

Create your own model in a few steps


To start with, Santiago tells us that we only need two things to create our own model: Google Colab and the Leap API to make use of Stable Diffusion. He himself has shared the code he wrote, so that we waste as little time as possible.

Thanks to that, this user managed to create an “Obama generator”. Behind this bombastic name there is a code that took him just 30 minutes to create. It is just over 100 lines that will help you to generate hyper-realistic photos.

To create this model, he uploaded two images of the former president of the United States. From there, the program did the rest. For example, he asked for an Obama wearing a hat and sunglasses. The result was curious to say the least.

Are you ready to create your own generative model?

Redacción de Softonic

Redacción de Softonic

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