Ask OnSoftware: Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

Ask OnSoftware: Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

There are few things as annoying as a program that’s easy to install, but almost impossible to remove from your computer. One of them is Windows Live Messenger, which comes preinstalled with Windows Vista and can get a bit stubborn when trying to get rid of it. One of our readers, Jean, had this problem and decided to ask OnSoftware for help:

I already have enough stuff registered in this lousy, abominable pop-up computer. How do I get rid of that WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER window that pops on my screen??!!

If you’re in the same situation as Jean, you’ll be glad to know it’s easier to solve that it seems. All you have to do is download WLMUninstaller, a handy application that locates Windows Live Messenger on your hard drive and removes it in a couple of minutes.

Remove Windows Live Messenger from your PC

WLMUninstaller is dead easy to use: run the program – no installation required – and click Uninstall to remove Windows Live Messenger from your computer. That’s all! WLMUninstaller does leave some traces behind (a couple of folders and files inside the Windows Live directory) but the actual IM client will be gone forever.

Do you know any other trick to effectively uninstall Windows Live Messenger? Feel free to share it in comments! Also, keep on sending all your problems, questions and doubts to so that we can provide handy solutions for you and the rest of our readers.

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