The Final Showdown: AuronPlay vs Ibai – Find Out Who Came Out on Top After the ESLANDs

The Final Showdown: AuronPlay vs Ibai – Find Out Who Came Out on Top After the ESLANDs
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

The ESLAND awards, the gala organized by TheGrefg to reward the best streamers in Spain, Latin America and Andorra, took place last weekend, and left us with dozens of viral images: from Lola Indigo bitching to streamers to a massive Haka.

Although it was marked by the absence of many of the streamers who did not want to participate (either because they were against the creator or because it was held in Mexico), the gala ended up being a great success on Twitch. And the awards had two great seer winners: Gerard Romero and Ibai Llanos, both with two trophies.

In Ibai’s case, he won the most prized trophy of all: streamer of the year. And for that he had to beat Illojuan, AuronPlay and ElRubius, the other nominees. It was basically a repeat of the previous year, in which he also won the award and emerged as the top winner. But, this time, not everything was so nice.


AuronPlay does not want to be nominated again

After the awards, AuronPlay did a live broadcast in which he explained that many people in the world opened up to him after the gala telling him that they did not understand the result and that it was the fault of the voting system. The system works like the Academy of cinema with the Oscars. In other words, the industry itself votes in a jury made up of 100 streamers and people from the sector.

This has led AuronPlay to believe that it is not a fair and equitable system for streamers, and has explained this in his live stream:

“If I’m nominated next year, I’m going to tell The Grefg that I’m giving up the category as long as this voting system continues with people who are going to do everything they can to keep me from taking it. […] I per community can win one ESLAND and ten ESLANDs. If you put to vote streamers with whom I have no relationship, it is obvious that they will not vote for me and they will take away all the prizes. And that’s what they did yesterday, they took them all away from me”.

AuronPlay is not the only one who has complained about this system. Vegetta777, also a very famous streamer who has a rivalry with the organizer TheGrefg, criticized the voting system and said that there was no point in these awards if they were carried out in this way.

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Pique between AuronPlay and Ibai?

Despite these statements, the relationship between the two most followed Twitch streamers has not been damaged. The two are great friends and have continued to prove it through a Twitter “pique” that is part of a joint joke… although deep down it may have some truth to it.

Following Auron’s statements, Ibai posted the following tweet, in reference to the photo of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo implying that he was above it:

Then, Auron followed up the joke by saying that he had blocked it:

And so the joke has continued for a few days, removing the iron on the part of the streamers in a more than mature attitude. And, finally, AuronPlay has clarified everything in an explanatory video where he has put the matter on the ground:

However, it is unclear whether the initial criticism will do any good. Will TheGrefg take notice of Auron’s words or will everything remain the same? Will another streamer outside the Ibai wave have a chance to take the prize?

Perhaps in the next ESLANDs we will have the answer.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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