Back to college software survival kit

Back to college software survival kit

Saved By The Bell TV screenshotIt’s that time of year again when university students old and new get ready for the year ahead and start packing their bags for the new academic year. We can’t guarantee to make you top of the class but here is an A grade list of some useful software to help you on your way.

Google Earth – If you’re studying the planet in any way, then there’s surely no better tool than Google Earth for learning about the Earth up close.

Derive – If maths is dragging you down, then you should delve into Derive which consists of several tools to help you improve everything from multiplication to algebra.

Finale – If you’re studying music, then Finale helps you get your music sheets note perfect with an easy to use tool for composing, arranging, hearing and printing your masterpieces.

WikSpeak – If it’s English language skills that you’re seeking to improve, WikSpeak is an excellent pronunciation improvement program.

Populus – A biology and evolutionary ecology educational tool designed specifically for university students

Virtual Fashion – An essential tool for any aspiring student of fashion. Create and preview your own 3D clothing without cutting a shred of cloth.

Sharepod – If your university allows it, create a shared file with all your co-student’s favourite iPod tracks.

Lantiv Timetabler – Are there any conflicts in your course timetable? Lantiv Timetabler will help you find out as well as make sure you’re always at class on time.

AceMoney Lite – Have you got enough money to see you through the month? AceMoney Lite will help any student manage their finances on a tight budget.

CollegeBAR – Finally, what would college life be like without getting wild drunk? Here’s over 11,000 recipes for when the going gets tough.

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