Back to the original Grand Theft Auto

gta1.jpgI’ve been playing Vice City on the PS2 a lot recently. What surprises me most is that even though it was released in 2002, the graphics and game play are still pretty impressive. The next version, GTA IV, will only be released on October 16, 2007, on Xbox first, and rumors already claim it will be an MMO, in what we can only imagine as a humongous gunfest.

There’s still a couple of months to wait until this release and in the meantine I suggest going back to the original 1997 release, Grand Theft Auto. Although this game only had an overhead view and rather poor graphics you could wander freely around the city and pick your missions. There were no cut scenes and you accessed missions from ringing phone booths or by entering a car. You had to follow particular instructions which were liable to change at any given time. Like in recent releases, you could cruise around the city, but ramming other cars or killing policemen gave you a significant number of points. You could use police bribes (the police-badge stars in the latest version), go on killing frenzies (rampage) and pick a “Get outta jail” card to use when you were arrested. Essentially, the whole principal of the game was the same as it is now. Any true fan of the recent editions of GTA is guaranteed to find some enjoyment in good ol’ Liberty City as it used to be in its first incarnation.

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