Batman Returns to Rocket League with Caped Crusader Inspired Bundle

Batman Returns to Rocket League with Caped Crusader Inspired Bundle
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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The Dark Knight is finally returning to Rocket League for the first time in around two years. This time, the beloved anti-hero returns to celebrate the theatrical launch of the new The Batman movie, which sees Robert Pattinson step into the defiantly glamorous life of Gotham City’s favorite crusader.

Returning alongside the titular character is his famous vehicle, the Batmobile, in its 2022 theatrical form. The new car joins other classics like the ‘89 Batmobile and the Dark Knight’s Tumbler. The new car, along with the rest of the updated Batman bundle, is only available as paid DLC and will no longer be available in the store from Tuesday, March 8th at 6 PM PCT. 

The new DLC pack will cost you 1100 credits. Here’s all the loot you’ll get:

  • Batmobile 2022 Body
  • Batmobile 2022 Engine Audio
  • Batmobile 2022 Wheels
  • Batmobile 2022 Boost
  • Batmobile 2022 Trail
  • Dark Knight Matte Paint Finish
  • Reel Life Decal
  • The Batman Goal Explosion

The items in the updated Batman bundle can only be coupled to the 2022 Batmobile body, which cannot be customized with any other items. The only item that is compatible with other vehicles is the Batman Goal Explosion. The bundle also introduces a new limited-time mode called Gotham City Rumble. Power-ups in this new mode are centered around Batman villains and include Poison Ivy’s vines and the Joker’s boxing glove. 

The 2022 Batmobile comes with a Dominus Hitbox, which it shares with other classic Rocket League cars like the Dominus, De Lorean, and ‘89 Batmobile. The Dominus hitbox is a feature of the longest car bodies in the game, and this means the 2022 Batmobile will probably be best suited to Rocket League Beginners. 

If the inclusion of Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile is the motivation you’ve been waiting for to get into the game, check out this Rocket League – Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack.


Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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