The best Android games to test your reflexes

The best Android games to test your reflexes

We continue our series of the best Android games with a selection specifically designed for the most daredevil among you. Love challenges and not afraid of a little competition? Then you’ve come to the right place – the days of Sudoku and Bejeweled clones are numbered!

These five games are filled to the brim with frantic action in the purest tradition of arcade games from yesteryear. If frantic action doesn’t put you off and you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, then these games should make you happy.


VectorVector just might be one of the best running games available today on Android. Your mission? Run as far as possible, taking care to avoid obstacles in your way. If Vector resembles any game, it’s probably Canabalt, although Vector’s realistic parkour movements take it much further.

More lifelike than, well, life, Vector incorporates the fundamentals of the art of Movement: rolls, climbing, somersaults, acceleration. Players who might be missing Yamakasi will be in heaven! Vector pushes realism to the limit, so your character will stumble and stagger about when moves don’t go to plan.  It’s a nervous little game that goes the distance with a tailored atmosphere and addictive gameplay to which a variety of new-to-the-genre movements are bring life.

Download Vector

Vector Android

Boson X

boson xDon’t make the mistake of thinking that Boson X is just another running game. This game really impressed me with its superhuman challenges, fiercely arcade-style gameplay and inimitable geek atmosphere. The toughest levels are pretty hard to overcome, but almost anyone can give the earlier levels a go. In a nutshell, put your Boson X reflexes to the test!

Like any good running game, you’ve got to run as far as possible while avoiding cliffs and other obstacles that will make life difficult for your beloved scientist. Your route will be blocked by various elements and trapped slabs which change with each game. One collision, and it’s game over.

But, unlike other titles in the genre, Boson X gives you a very specific mission. When you pass the blue tiles, you gain speed and get closer to your goal: 100% synchronization with elusive particles analyzed by your researcher.

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Boson X Android

Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Jungle Run was surely the best thing that’s happened to the Ubisoft saga since its return to 2D in 2011. If, like me, you loved the first forays of Ray Man onto mobile platforms, then there’s a good chance that you’ll fall in love with Ray Man Fiesta Run, the next in the adventures of the blond puff hero.

To the delight of fans of the series, Rayman Fiesta Run adopts the quick, nervous style of gameplay that made its big brother such a runaway ​​success.

This time you’ll need to work your way through 75 levels pitfalls in your mission to try and collect as many Lums, those little yellow bugs that look like bees, as possible. Although hidden in all 4 corners of the levels, these fireflies might give a bit of trouble to the most hardcore of collectors. Can you manage to find them all?

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Rayman Fiesta Run Android

Punch Quest

Punch QuestPunch Quest is a high-speed action game with a stunningly simple concept. Your character will have to venture as far as possible into a dungeon while trying to survive waves of punches, slaps and uppercuts from enemies.

It’s useless worrying about the progress of the hero. In Punch Quest, your character will advance automatically and you’ll be free to focus on the distribution of punches thanks to the simple controls: one button for hitting directly in front of you, while the second button lets you to deliver uppercuts and make your character jump at the same time. It’ll be up to you to link these basic moves to create devastating combinations. This is truly an ode to the arcade games of the 90s!

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Punch Quest Android

Oh My Goat

Oh My GoatOh My Goat is a small, but horribly addictive game in which you help a small goat cross levels filled with obstacles that get increasingly dangerous. If your four legged friend is to advance through the 480 levels of the game, it’ll be down to you to control his jumps.

Contrary to what the colorful graphics and kid-friendly (see what we did there?) animations might indicate, Oh My Goat offers grown-up challenges and you’ll need skill and dexterity if you hope to overcome the most devious of the levels. Spread over 5 different environments, the game manages to remain varied through its Machiavellian obstacles. Wolf traps, sharp rocks, vultures…everything works together to put your reflexes to the test.

Luckily, your little ibex acquires new skills throughout his journey: acceleration, hovering, double jumps…you won’t be bored for a second. A really surprising gem of a game!

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Oh My Goat Android

Players looking for real challenges will see these 5 titles as worthy heirs of the arcade games of yesteryear. The ideal solution for pushing your limits and putting your reflexes to the test!

If you think we forgot your favorite or you’ve got an Android game in mind that’s perfect for testing reflexes, then share your finds in the comments!

If you want to check out even more Android games, take a look at our entire best Android games series.

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