The best apps to enjoy Carnival 2023

From the Carnival of Cadiz to the Carnival of Brazil: the best applications

The best apps to enjoy Carnival 2023
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

Carnival 2023 is here. The most fun party of the year, where everyone dresses up, puts on make-up and goes out to enjoy themselves, lands to fill all children (and not so children) with joy for weeks. From the elegance of Venice‘s Carnival to the partying of Brazil’s Carnival, the whole planet forgets its worries for a while to go out and celebrate life.

But how can you enjoy Carnival to the fullest? From Softonic we can help you with some applications that can make your life easier in different aspects. But be careful, because during Carnival the number of lost and stolen mobiles skyrockets, so you’d better have a guide at hand so you can act in case something bad happens.

We leave you with the best apps to enjoy Carnival 2023.

Brazil Carnival Apps

The Carnival par excellence all over the world is the one in Brazil. In the southeastern cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Vitória, huge parades led by samba schools are held. In these, thousands of people dance and enjoy leaving one of the most impressive spectacles of the whole year.

To fully enjoy this experience of the Latin American country, we leave you with some applications that can be great for you.

Street Blocks - Carnival DOWNLOAD
Carnival Blocks DOWNLOAD
Onde está meu trio? DOWNLOAD
PE no Carnival DOWNLOAD
Carnavales Cádiz 2023: fechas, programación y horarios | Cómo

The Carnival of Cadiz app

In Spain we also have a very fun and interesting Carnival: the Carnival of Cadiz. Beyond the costumes, this carnival is focused on jokes and fun, and for this reason they hold a big contest in the Falla Theater where chirigotas and comparsas compete to become the best of the year.

Don’t miss anything by following it with this app.

El Carnaval de Cádiz Descargar
El 'Black and White Carnival' de Colombia, una fusión de culturas

The Blacks and Whites’ Carnival app

Another interesting international Carnival is that of The Blacks and Whites’, which is traditionally celebrated in Colombia. Born in the Latin city of Pasto, the tradition has been adopted by other municipalities in the department of Nariño and southwestern Colombia. In the end, it has become one of the most followed and popular carnivals in the world.

Follow this tradition in all its aspects thanks to its app.

Black and Whites' Carnival DOWNLOAD

Makeup Apps to look spectacular

If you need a hand to make up and feel like a king or queen of Carnival, you can use these makeup and aesthetics apps where you can see how certain looks would look before deciding on the best one.

Makeup Plus DOWNLOAD
Perfect365 DOWNLOAD


Transportation Apps to get home safe and sound

If you’re going out to party and need to get home at some point, there’s nothing like having good transport apps at hand to make it as easy as possible. Here are the most popular ones.


Apps for hotels and services

Finally, if for Carnival you want to organize a trip to see great shows like the ones in Venice, Brazil or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you can help yourself with some applications that make it much easier.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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