Best apps to clean and optimize your Android

Best apps to clean and optimize your Android
Patrick Devaney

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Google’s Android operating system is great for many reasons. Now in its tenth version, it is chock full of advanced mobile features, works flawlessly, and is even optimized to work well on lower-powered low to mid-range devices. Furthermore, it is free, and when you combine all of the above you see just why the number of global Android users dwarfs the number of users walking around with Apple iOS-powered iPhone’s in their pocket.

Android optimizer apps

The thing is though, sometimes our Android phones need a bit of a tune-up. We use our phones all the time, which means things can slow down, the internal storage can get clogged up, and apps stop working as well as they should do. If this has happened to your phone, don’t worry. You don’t need to start thinking about buying a new phone just yet. We’re here to show you the best Google Play cleaning apps that will help you clean and optimize your Android smartphone

Best Android cleaner apps


CCleaner for Android

CCleaner by Piriform is famous for being one of the best PC maintenance programs available today. This Android version of the highly acclaimed software also has a lot to offer too. The app can clear your device’s cache files, your browser history, and other temporary files including those found in your download folder. There is also an app manager feature, and tools for staying on top of your device’s CPU and RAM usage, internal storage levels, and temperature. A handy battery saver feature will also boost your phone’s battery life. Although it might not have a massive effect on your device’s performance, CCleaner also allows you to delete your call and SMS histories quickly and simply.

CCleaner Download Now

Virus Cleaner 2019

Virus Cleaner

Hi Security Lab’s Virus Cleaner 2019 – Antivirus, Cleaner, & Booster is a very popular and very efficient file cleaner Android app that will help you keep on top of your device’s performance and security. Powered by McAfee, this Android app offers plenty of optimization features including File Scan, Deep Scan, and an added Scheduled Virus Scan, which will automate your security procedures. Virus Cleaner also comes with an App Lock feature and a Notification Cleaner. The app does offer in-app-purchases but with so many core features available for free it is easy to see why this app has been downloaded over 100,000,000 times with over 1.6 million Android users giving it a positive review.

Virus Cleaner 2019 Download now

Norton Clean

Norton Clean

Norton is famous for its antivirus software that protects everything from Android smartphones to Apple Macs and iPads. Norton Clean, however, is a specialized app that deals exclusively with cleaning and optimizing your Android phone. The app will clean your device’s system cache, get rid of old APK files, and will get rid of your phone’s general junk too. It also comes with an app manager that will help you clear out those unused apps that are bogging your Android system down. This app is simple but effective.

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All-in-One Toolbox

All-in-One toolbox

If you’re looking for an app that does more than just the basics then the All-in-One Toolbox from AIO Software could be what you’re after. As well as offering a one-click booster feature that will clean your cache, analyze your apps, and free up system memory; it comes with many other great features that will help you optimize your Android device’s performance. AIO also gives you a file manager, an app manager, a task killer, and a CPU cooler tool that will help you manage the apps you have running in the background. The only real problem with this app is that with so much going on it could have been designed a little better. It isn’t the easiest app to use but by offering so many ways to optimize your phone’s performance, it is definitely one to consider.

All-in-One Toolbox Download now

Clean Master

Clean Master for Android

Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master Android app is another excellent phone cleaner app for anybody looking to make their Android phone work a little better. The Junk Files tool makes it very easy for you to optimize your Android device by cleaning out the app cache, getting rid of temp files, and deleting duplicate files. Clean Master also comes with a powerful Phone Boost feature, which will have your phone running more quickly and smoothly with a single tap. An additional feature to consider is Clean Master’s app manager that not only allows you to monitor app performance but also enables you to move apps to your SD card and back up APK files.

Clean Master Download now

DFNDR Antivirus and Cleaner

Android DFNDROur final app for cleaning and optimizing your Android smartphone is DFNDR by PSafe. DFNDR is another incredibly popular antivirus app that has seen well over 100,000,000 installs on Android devices with millions of positive reviews to go with them. DFNDR will keep you safe from viruses, malware, adware, and spyware threats and will also work to protect your private and personal data. This extensive app also offers a robust junk cleaner and other optimizer features that will enable all Android users to clean and optimize their device performance and get them working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

DFNDR Download now

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