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10 greatest 2000s chick flicks

Mean Girls

From the 1980s to the 2000s, we’ve seen numerous chick flicks become generational touchstones for pop culture. Take “Clueless” and “Heathers” for example. While most rom-coms aren’t viewed as chick flicks anymore in the year 2019, most female-centric romance movies were considered part of this genre. Most of these movies were box office hits that maintain their popularity today. Many reached such pop culture significance that they were even featured in a record-breaking music video by Ariana Grande. Here are the greatest chick flicks from the last decade.

Best chick flicks from the 2000s

10. The Princess Diaries

One of many popular and unique chick flicks starring Anne Hathaway, this series follows high school girl who discovers she is the unlikely princess of a far-off country. While that may sound like the recipe for a wish-fulfillment movie, it focuses more on adapting to a new culture than typical princess movies. This makes it a perfect coming-of-age movie for anyone who enjoys young adult entertainment.

9. 50 First Dates

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are well known for their on-camera chemistry, and this movie is one of the earliest examples of that. Barrymore plays a woman who can’t remember anything since a horrible accident. This means Sandler must try to win her heart over and over. Since she never remembers him the next morning, every date they have is literally the first one in her mind.

8. 27 Dresses

This movie was specifically made for those who feel like they are “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” The film follows a professional bridesmaid who has been in 27 weddings but has never had her own. She’s essentially the ultimate third wheel, unlucky in love. 

7. Love Actually

A modern classic, “Love Actually” started the trend of intertwining holidays with romantic comedies, such as “Valentine’s Day” and “New Year’s Eve.” It is the perfect movie for a date night, filled with romance and humor. The interlocked stories keep you on your toes, which can make the viewing experience really exciting for new viewers, as it switches between each plotline.

6. The Devil Wears Prada

An often-referenced movie with a big cultural impact, this movie is famous for the on-screen relationship of Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Streep plays a ruthless and cutthroat fashion designer, while Hathaway is her clumsy new assistant. The movie is reminiscent of another popular Streep film, “Death Becomes Her,” as both feature dark humor and powerful characters.

5. The Hot Chick

This movie faded into obscurity after its release, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t incredible. While it may not qualify as a chick flick according to some definitions, it certainly fits with the rest of the genre. A teenage female cheerleader and an adult male criminal switch bodies, which creates a crazy situation for all involved.

(Editor’s note: Softonic cannot condone praise of any Rob Schneider movie, but our writer is entitled to his opinion. The great Roger Ebert wrote in his review that he didn’t walk out of the film “through superhuman effort of the will.”)

4. He’s Just Not That Into You

This is a surprisingly delightful movie based off a self-help book. Given the backstory of this movie, “Sex and the City” fans will surely enjoy it. That’s because not only is the title in reference to a “Sex and the City” quote, but the writers of that show were the ones who wrote the original book. Like “Love Actually,” this movie follows a few different stories, all somewhat interconnected. The main focus is spotting ways that men show their disinterest, such as standing up their dates or not making the effort to go to the next level. It’s also about learning to overcome this and to move past those types of relationships. (Girl power, y’all.)

3. 13 Going on 30

A classic coming-of-age story that takes a turn when a 13-year-old girl turns wakes up as a 30-year-old woman with no memory of how she got there. This movie is adorable, as it takes a young teen romance and puts it into the lives of adults. It ends up creating a movie that can be appreciated by all ages.

2. Mean Girls

Of all the movies on this list, Mean Girls is probably the most “generation-defining.” Many of the lines in this movie have become pop culture legend, such as, “She doesn’t even go here,” and “There’s a 30 percent chance that it’s already raining.” This movie is more than a standard rom-com, as it focuses on the drama between teenage girls and the fight for popularity. “Mean Girls” follows the story of a high schooler who just moved to America from South Africa, and finds herself in the middle of war between the popular girls and the outcasts. Which side will she choose?

1. Legally Blonde

“Legally Blonde” has all the perfect components to make an amazing chick flick: romance, female empowerment, and a clever inside joke that will last for decades (“Bend and Snap”). After her college boyfriend dumps her for someone more “booksmart,” Reese Witherspoon follows him to Harvard to win him back. And wouldn’t you know it? She learns lessons about herself along the way. “Legally Blonde” even became a solid Broadway musical.

These are just a handful of some of the best chick flicks in recent history. If you felt like any movies were missed on this list, you should check out our Softonic Solutions page and add your own suggestions to our list of the best chick flicks of all time.

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