8 best apps for managing elementary classrooms

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Classroom management can be one of the hardest things to achieve for a teacher. With dozens of different personalities, students can struggle in a classroom setting that doesn’t fit their particular needs. Thankfully, there are some great apps out there to help readjust your classroom to fit your needs as well as your students. Each of these apps work together to create an ideal classroom for grades K-4, many of which could be used in high school education as well.

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8 best apps for elementary school teachers

8. Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile

While this app may seem more useful for English teachers, it can be a great source of additional reading for any subjects outside of the classroom. It can also make it easy for novel-based classes to find books that may not be in each department’s book room yet. This can enhance your classroom’s settings to make it easier for students to feel comfortable.

7. Classtree

Getting parental consent for field trips and other activities can be a real hassle, especially for certain kids who may not interact with their parents frequently. Thankfully this app removes the paper and makes the process easy and seamless for both parents and teachers. It also allows for digital communication between administrators and parents in general, allowing for all parental questions to be answered in an easy format.

6.  BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

BrainPOP Jr is a popular educational series for kids to learn about a large variety of topics. This particular app is ideal for young students, as it’s created for an audience of 10 and under. No matter what subject you’re trying to teach, however, BrainPOP Jr likely has a video on it, that can really enhance the learning experience for your students.

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5. Kahoot!

Kahoot lets you turn your lessons into playable games, which can be an incredibly useful study activity. Sometimes it is hard to create something interactive and engaging for young students to study with, and this app takes that difficulty out for you. All you need to do is put in the information and Kahoot creates the game for you.


4. Socrative Teacher

It can be difficult for elementary students to focuses on quizzes, since most tend to not be particularly engaging for someone at that age. Socrative changes this dynamic to instead make quizzes fun and exciting game-like experiences for kids. This can really change your students perspective on test-taking. It can also help keep your classroom in line, as it’s easy for young students to engage in devices that they are more likely familiar with (especially if your school provides educational iPads).

3. Doceri

This app lets your iPad control your classroom computer, which means you can use it to monitor and manage the classroom from anywhere. You can also use it to control smart whiteboards, and even display videos and pictures from the iPad directly onto the whiteboard. The app may seem somewhat complicated at first, but the Doceri YouTube channel features extensive guides on how to best use their product.

2. Seesaw

Seesaw is an app dedicated to keeping parents at ease, as it allows you to post status updates and student projects to the app that parents can later look at, to get a better idea on how their student is doing. The students themselves can also post their work, which can be a great source of pride if they did something particularly well.

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1. Common Core Standards

No matter what state you live in, Common Core can be a stressful part of lesson planning, especially searching through all of it. Thankfully this app makes it much easier to sort through the information and find what you need. It lists the Common Core standards, as well as allowing you to easily copy this information onto your own lesson plans. This can help you stay organized in order to keep your classroom together during your lessons.

While classroom management isn’t the only struggle teachers have to deal with, these apps can help tremendously. Additionally, if you’re looking for something for any age group, we’ve listed the overall best apps for educators to help you stay organized, and make your experience an easy and seamless one.

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