Super Mario Bros: The Movie Easter Egg Hunt – Discovering the Best Secrets

Discover all the references of the film

Super Mario Bros: The Movie Easter Egg Hunt – Discovering the Best Secrets
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Super Mario Bros: The Movie has arrived in theaters and, although it has received mixed reviews at its premiere, there is no doubt that it is everything fans of the video game were hoping to see on the big screen. In the feature film we have had adventures and recognizable characters galore, but also dozens of references that fans can’t miss.

Below we leave you with a list of the best easter eggs of the movie. We warn you that the article, as is evident, is full of spoilers. So we advise you to go and see the movie first. Of course, if you are reading this is that you are not lacking in desire.

All the easter eggs from Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Super Mario Bros: plumbers

The film begins with a television commercial – which was also one of the spots in the marketing campaign – in which Mario and Luigi appear as what they are: plumber brothers offering their services to homes across the country.

In addition, within this ad there is a very funny easter egg: the song that plays is the original rap of the series The Super Mario Bros Show. It is a cult series that mixed real image with animation and popularized this song that has been used again for the film.

Duck Hunt, Punch Out! and other games at the pizzeria

Mario and Luigi begin their adventure in a pizzeria, like the good Italians they are. The curious thing is that there we see several references to classic arcade video games, as well as other arcade games. There is the duck hunting game Duck Hunt, the boxing game Punch Out! and there are references to characters like Little Mac and Glass Joe.

duck hunt DOWNLOAD
Jumpman, the true origin of Mario

Without leaving the cafeteria we can see an arcade machine that will sound very familiar to Mario fans: Jumpman. This was the name given to Mario in the 1981 Donkey Kong, and although he has never had his own arcade, in the film they wanted to pay tribute to him.

Donkey Kong Classic DOWNLOAD
Foreman Spike, the first Mario villain

There is a somewhat grumpy character who appears in the cafeteria to mess with Mario and Luigi: Foreman Spike. This villain, who also appears in the climax, is a predecessor to Wario and Bowser. He appears in Wrecking Crew, a game released in arcades in 1984 in which Mario and Luigi’s goal is to demolish with hammers.

Foreman Spike - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
The first Mario Bros level

One scene you will all have recognized is the one where Mario and Luigi run to their first job, crossing an area that is under construction. The path is very similar to the first level of the original Mario, both in the placement of blocks, pipes, etc. And the flag and the final castle are a hamburger. Sublime.

Super Mario Bros Level 1-1 DOWNLOAD
The Game Cube intro

Another small easter egg appears when the Mario brothers’ phone rings. The ringtone is the intro of the Game Cube console that sounded when you turned it on.

Pikmin reconverted into figures

The house that Mario and Luigi visit to fix the plumbing is decorated with figures of Pikmin, the tiny creatures from Nintendo’s video games that have been released since 2001.

Pikmin Bloom DOWNLOAD
Talon, the Zelda character who looks like Mario’s father

Mario’s father has been one of the great surprises of the film. He appears in several occasions with a lot of role, and has a curious weight in the plot. He is played by Charles Martinet, the original voice actor of Mario (a great detail) and the most curious thing is that he looks a lot like Talon, the character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that is obviously inspired by Mario.

Talon Zelda OoT - Mario Version - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by Aran  (@aran34x) [39e31f5]
Nintendo exists within this universe

A curious thing is that Nintendo and its consoles really exist within the Mario universe. We know this because, when Mario arrives to his room, we see an NES console and a Star Fox toy.

snes9x DOWLOAD
Pauline is the Mayor of New York City.

Pauline is the first official female Mario character, before Peach appeared. She was Mario’s former girlfriend and first damsel in distress, and later continued to appear as the mayor of New Donk City. In the movie, she has the role of mayor of New York, which is no small feat.

Super Mario MOVIE Cast: Nintendo Confirms 33 Characters Appearing
The second level of Mario Bros is also real

If in the works we had a recreation of the first Super Mario level, as we go into the sewers we see a scenario that looks a lot like the second one. In addition, there is a sign that says 1-2 to make it all more obvious.

Foto de la película Super Mario Bros. La película - Foto 40 por un total de  42 -
Odyssey’s Crazy Cap appears

As soon as you arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom, the easter eggs are constant and the list is endless. One of the first to appear is the Crazy Cap store, which we know perfectly well from the recent Switch game Super Mario Odyssey.

Hallan todas estas referencias a Super Mario Odyssey en la película de Super  Mario - Nintenderos
Bowser’s Fury, soundtrack for a wicked party

Much of Brian Tyler’s soundtrack is inspired by or takes directly from original video game themes. In particular, one that draws a lot of attention is Bowser’s Fury, metal song that in the party of Bowser’s henchmen. The original song is from the Super Mario 3D World expansion.

The Almond Mines of New Super Mario Bros. U

The Mushroom Kingdom is full of easter eggs and references, especially in its locations. But one of the most striking ones are the Almond Mines that Mario contemplates with amazement along with Toad and Peach. They are taken from the game New Super Mario Bros. U and are, without a doubt, a delight.

New Super Mario Bros OR, Minas Almendradas Parte 1 de 4 - YouTube
The baby version of the characters

Mario Kart fans know that each character has his or her own baby: from Baby Mario to Baby Bowser. The funny thing is that three of these characters appear in the movie through flashbacks: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Peach.

So… do Baby Mario / Baby Luigi mains actually exist??? : r/mariokart
A singing Bowser… thanks to Jack Black

While Chris Pratt’s Mario has raised some controversy regarding the dubbing, the Bowser played by Jack Black has been a real must. In addition, having the voice actor has served to allow him to perform a song as the villain: Peaches Peaches Peaches Peaches.

Super Mario Bros. cast trick Jack Black into wearing Bowser costume |
The Donkey Kong rap

Super Mario Bros: The Movie is practically a musical. Beyond the initial rap of Mario and Luigi and Bowser’s song, there is a place for Donkey Kong’s rap, which was hated at the time and today considered a meme. The first thing the character does when he introduces himself is sing it, so the reference is clear.

Super Mario vs. Donkey Kong: the first battle

We have already mentioned before that Donkey Kong was Super Mario’s first rival, or more specifically Jumpman’s, and this time he is again. Both fight to fist fight in their first encounter, in a fight that is very reminiscent of Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Crusade DOWNLOAD
The Kongs in full

Cheering for Donkey in the audience is the entire Kong family: Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong and Swanky Kong. Also, this may tie in with the possible Donkey Kong series that has been rumored for some time as a spin-off of the movie.

Everything We Know About The Donkey Kong Movie So Far
Customized go-karts to the maximum

The karting moment is one of the most remembered moments of the movie, and it’s obvious why: most people know Mario thanks to these games. Therefore, the customization moment could not be missing. Just as we would do in any Mario Kart, the protagonists customize their vehicles at will.

The blue shell and the eel

Mario and Donkey Kong are blown up by the impact of a blue shell, something we have all suffered at one time or another. But then there is another curious reference: they are devoured by a mega moray eel, a very complicated enemy in Mario games.

El caparazón azul de Mario Kart no desaparecerá | Nación Beta
Peach and Bowser’s wedding

In many of the Super Mario Bros. video games, Bowser’s intentions are clear: to marry Peach. Although it is something we have seen very clearly in Super Mario Odyssey, it has appeared on more occasions, and in the movie it is the monster’s main objective.

La Princesa Peach estuvo casada con otro personaje que no es Mario en un  libro licenciado por Nintendo - La Tercera
Tanooki and Bill Bala suit

At the end of the movie, Bowser launches a huge Bullet Bill that aims to wipe out the entire Mushroom Kingdom, as if it were an atomic bomb. At that moment, Mario flies towards the bullet transformed into a raccoon (wearing the Tanooki suit) and deflects it with a big flip of his tail. A clear reference to a game mechanic.

Yoshi in New York… a sequel?

In Super Mario Bros: The Movie, of course, there are post-credits scenes. In the second one we see how a Yoshi egg appears in the sewers of New York, a reference to Godzilla that anticipates a possible sequel in the big city.

Super Mario Bros Movie Yoshi Post Credit Scene Leaked, Watch Here +  Description - HIGH ON CINEMA

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