Best Mac menu bar items

MenuStrip menu bar itemInspired by this story read on, I decided to look for other good menu bar items for Mac. These are applications which you can quickly access from the top of your Mac’s screen. A lot of full fledged applications can usually be minimized and accessed from the menu bar, but you also get mini applications, with limited yet specific functionalities that are available from the same space. And since the menu bar is always around, even when you have loads of applications and folders opened up, you always have quick access to it. Here a few excellent Mac menu bar items to check out:

  • Caffeine – Make sure to click it to keep your Mac from ever going to sleep.
  • MenuStrip – Access your most commonly used items from the menu bar.
  • RSS Menu – Check your RSS feeds straight from the menu bar.
  • Path Finder – Gives you access to all your folders in a few clicks.
  • GimmeSomeTune – Control all your iTunes music from the top bar.
  • SlimBattery Monitor – Detailed information on the state of your Mac’s battery.
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