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Top 4 pregnancy apps


Pregnancy is maybe the biggest game-changer you’ll ever experience. Even for parents who have had children before, every pregnancy is different and comes with its own challenges. No matter the case, you’ll often find yourself looking up new symptoms and safe alternatives to your unique cravings. Instead of searching all over the internet to find your answers, a handy app is usually all you need. Many apps let you track your symptoms and read up on what you can expect in the coming months. Here are some of the best apps for helping you throughout your entire pregnancy:

4 best pregnancy apps

WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD is one of the most reputable medical sites on the internet, and their pregnancy advice is top notch. Besides answering any medical questions you may have, this app comes with a variety of tracking tools. You can track baby kicks, contractions, and a large selection of pregnancy symptoms. You can also create checklists with this app for baby preparations.

WebMD Pregnancy Download free ►

Mind the Bump

Pregnancy can be stressful in ways you never expect it to be. Mind the Bump is a great app for helping relieve some of this stress. It walks you through various meditation techniques while giving you advice for dealing with any mental health problems you may be having while pregnant. While most apps focus on helping you with your body through this process, Mind the Bump is all about your feelings and mental space. These areas are often neglected, so having an app remind you to self-care can be a big help.

Mind the Bump Download Free ►

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

The use of this app starts before pregnancy even begins. It lets you track your ovulation cycle so you know the perfect times to try and conceive. Once pregnant, the app gives you helpful tips on what is and isn’t healthy. It also gives advice on relieving pregnancy symptoms throughout each trimester as you experience them.

Ovia Fertility Download Free ►

If you’re specifically looking for an ovulation tracker, you may want to check out My Days as an alternative. It tracks both your period and your ovulation cycle, and it lets you create helpful reminders regarding both of these.

My Days - Period and Ovulation Free Download ►

Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

Facebook is often the place we turn to when we want to find something relatable. Your Facebook friends are often around your age, so they’ll be sharing memes that you can relate to. However, not all your friends will be getting pregnant when you are, so you may feel alone when you open up Facebook and aren’t able to relate with your peers as much. This app gives you a daily dose of pregnancy memes so you don’t feel alone in this process. The memes also relate to your current stages of pregnancy, as the app tracks how far along you are.

Hello Belly download free ►

You can find more pregnancy apps at our Softonic Solutions page, and you can even add your own app suggestions if you feel we missed any.

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