Best puzzle games for Mac

puzzleOur definition of puzzles has really changed over the years. My idea is of the traditional jigsaw puzzle, which takes hours or even days to complete, and which you leave on the floor of your bedroom. Yet there are many more fun puzzle games that make use of your logic and reasoning. From Tetris to JawBreaker, Bejeweled or mystery adventures, if you enjoy puzzles there are many more ways to indulge on your PC. Here are ten very different puzzle games for Mac, some which you can take five minutes to complete, others which will require hours of play and dedication. Anyway, this proves how rich the puzzle genre is and how many fun and clever games you can find on Mac. Here they are:

  • Mind Medley – 16 clever mini games to stimulate the neurons in your brain.
  • Frenzic – Test your reflexes in this quick and original puzzle. A stunning interface.
  • Quinn – A superpowered Tetris with new rules and custom pieces.
  • Snood – Free all the Snoods before time runs out.
  • Hidden Relics – Travel the globe collecting relics to solve a bigger mystery.
  • Mystery Case – Solve the crimes of Huntsville in this detective thriller.
  • Escape from Monkey Island – A classic. Solve all the puzzles to escape from the island.
  • Azada – Use all your logic to free Titus from his spell in this mysterious adventure.
  • Bejeweled – Another classic, the gem swapping game is still as fun as ever.
  • Otis – Free up the board by removing blocks of similar color. An original variation of JawBreaker.
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