The best Roblox horror games

Best Roblox Horror games

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Roblox is more than just a game. It is like the ultimate video game platform that allows you to build your own games as well as play games built by other players. This means Roblox is more like a DIY video game library with thousands of games made by millions of players, all just waiting for you to seek them out.

It can be hard to know where to start though when there’s so much on offer. That’s why today we’re going to recommend some of the best Roblox games that you can play on Android, iOS, Xbox One, and PC. Furthermore, we’re going to specialize in today’s list by focusing on horror games. If you like a good jump scare or feed off of rising tension and high-stakes horror-filled gameplay, you’re going to love this list.

Roblox horror games 2019

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

Are you the murderer, the sheriff, or an innocent? The distinction between the three matters a lot in Murder Mystery 2. If you’re an innocent, then this will be a scary game and it’ll be your job to hide and stay alive as long as possible. If you’re the murderer, it’ll be your job to hunt down and murder as many innocents as possible. Finally, if you’re the sheriff, it’ll be your job to catch the murderer before they can take out all of the innocents.

The premise of this game is simple but offers plenty of tense and fun action to keep you on your toes. What’s even better is that the game has in-built mechanics that will increase your chance of being the murderer every time you get picked to play as an innocent.

Download Murder Mystery 2 for free

Nightmare Mine

Nightmare Mine

Comparisons between Roblox and Minecraft aren’t too off base. Both offer fertile ground for limitless imagination to run wild and both feed off much more basic graphics than you’d normally associate with AAA games. Nightmare Mine bridges the gap between the two further by setting the multiplayer action in the world’s biggest and scariest mine. You’re trapped in there with eight other players and the mine workers have begun turning into zombies. Yep, they want to eat your brain. All you have to do is escape with your brain intact.

Download Nightmare Mine for free

Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush

Although we’ve already touched on zombie horror with Nightmare Mine, we thought we’d tell you about Zombie Rush too because its frantic action offers a unique experience. You’ll have lots of different weapons to choose between, a lot of different levels to play through, and a never-ending stream of horrifying zombies to fight off. This is a fight for survival, and you mustn’t give up.

Download Zombie Rush for free

Vampire Hunters 2

Vampire Hunters 2

OK, we’ve had murderers and we’ve had zombies, so now let’s look at another horror staple: Vampires! This roleplay game is actually a little like Murder Mystery 2 with the chosen vampire wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting population as wannabe heroes try to figure out who is the vampire so they can take them out.

Download Vampire Hunters 2 for free

Flee the facility

Flee the facility

Another chilling escape saga here, a la Nightmare Mine. This time, however, you’re searching for computer terminals and trying to unlock challenges that’ll lead you to one of two exits. Open the exits and then flee the facility. Sounds simple but oh yeah, we forgot to tell you that one of the five players is a beast who’ll be tracking your every step and trying to take you down.

Download Flee the facility for free

The Horror Elevator

Horror Elevator

The premise behind this one is simple enough. You’re on an elevator in a building that has 30 floors filled with all kinds of Creepy Pasta nightmare monsters and killers. You might have to take them all out, or you might just need to survive as long as possible. If you don’t like jump scares, this game isn’t for you. Make of that what you will.

Download The Horror Elevator for free

Stop it Slender!

Stop it, Slender

Another spooky Creepy Pasta legend here to haunt your dreams with scary stories and steal your friends off into the night. The Slender Man has established itself as one of the most endearingly creepy urban legends of recent years and this Roblox Slender Man game does it justice. You’ll be screaming your head off hoping you can find his famous pages before he can find you. The developer recommends wearing headphones to play this game, but we say that’s not for the faint hearted. You’ve been warned.

Download Stop it Slender! for free

Confined, a story of death and shadows

Confined Roblox game

This game is about nightmare nasties coming to grab you in the dark. The name itself is terrifying but the gameplay takes it to the next level. As the developer says, “If you don’t like horror games, then this isn’t for you.” Protect yourself at all times, otherwise you won’t last long.

Download Confined for free

Dead House

Dead House

The premise behind Dead House is simple enough. There are six of you in a house and a virus is affecting all those around you in a strange way. Before long you’ll be running for your life and doing your best not to panic. Dead House is scary and lots of fun to play. It might not always work as it should do, however, which is something you need to be aware of, if you’re brave enough to play it.

Download Dead House for free

The Roblox Plague 2

The Roblox Plague 2

Infectious diseases are the enemy of the day in this unofficial sequel to the classic Roblox survival horror game, The Roblox Plague. Basically, there’s an outbreak that is infecting players. Infected players will then turn and try to infect more players. You need to survive and be the last man standing. This will be lots of fun until the disease catches up with you and you become just another monster.

Download Roblox Plague 2 for free

Wrapping up

You’ve now got ten iconic Roblox horror games to sink your teeth into. Beware though, because these games bite back and are not for the faint hearted. If you’re a true horror game fan have at it. If you’re not though, be warned, because not all players will get out of these ten scariest games alive.

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