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The 5 best Pokémon-themed games on Roblox

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Luke Binns

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Pokémon has earned its place as a modern-day classic. Available across a variety of devices, Pokémon games have a strong and passionate fanbase with a diverse worldwide community.

Pokémon games are played primarily on Nintendo systems and smartphones (remember Pokémon Go!?), but they were never designed for PC or traditional consoles like Xbox or PlayStation.

The 5 best Pokémon-themed games on Roblox

This is where Roblox comes in.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the Roblox platform, you can finally immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon on your PC, laptop, or game console by playing one of the many available Pokémon-themed games.

If you type “Pokémon” in the Roblox search bar, you’ll get a slew of results. Although none of these games is the same as playing the real Pokémon, they come pretty close, and some of these games do an incredible job mimicking it. Here are the ones that came out on top during our testing.

The 5 best Pokémon-themed games on Roblox

1. Pokémon Brick Bronze by Pokémon Brick Bronze Version

This is the very best Pokémon-themed game available on Roblox right now. When playing Pokémon Brick Bronze, you may think you’re playing the real thing. This super-addictive game has a ginormous world to explore and has combat mechanics virtually identical to the real handheld Pokémon game you know and love.

You can also earn badges as you play and become more experienced. Those achievements can be displayed on your profile.

With over 430 million players at the time of writing, this is one of the best and most popular Roblox games, period. The game is always being updated with new gyms and has thousands of people playing it at any given time, so you are sure to find a suitable server.

2. Pokémon Galaxy by Titanium Studios

Pokémon Galaxy has all the Nintendo game’s much-loved features, including the PokeDex, a leveling system, and all the familiar faces from the handheld game.

Pokémon Galaxy has a wide range of different starter Pokémon and has an immersive, well-designed environment that you can explore “sandbox style” with your Pokémon.

This is one of the platform’s newer Pokémon games – released in 2016 – and has quickly become a serious contender in the Roblox Pokémon game market. There are always plenty of servers available, and the game is regularly updated with new feature-rich content that improves the overall gameplay experience.

3. Pokémon Legends by BeasTakip

Although it’s not quite as good as Pokémon Brick Bronze, Pokémon Legends is one of the oldest Pokémon-themed games on Roblox.

The game features a vast and rich environment for you to explore and has a large amount of Pokémon-themed content and types of Pokémon on display. Players can enjoy a roleplay mode, treasure spawns, and regular events hosted by the game’s creator, BeasTakip. All the bells and whistles help keep regular gamers entertained.

There are typically up to 300 people playing during peak times, so you’ll be able to find a server easily and you’ll get to play with a wide variety of people.

4. Pokémon Universe by Raphael7

If you want to play as a Pokémon instead of a trainer, then look no further than Raphael’s Roblox interpretation of the handheld classic. Pokémon Universe, which allows you to play as either a trainer or Pokémon, isn’t as immersive and well designed as some of the other games, but the game has plenty of unique features and original ideas that give it an entirely different depth and feel.

With 20 players to a server and 100 people playing at a time, you will always have plenty of other people to play with. Plus, it is constantly updated with bug fixes and new features.

5. Pokémon Battle Brawlers by BuildingDude000

This list wouldn’t be complete without including Roblox’s oldest Pokémon-themed game, Pokémon Battle Brawlers. Published way back in 2009, this game wasn’t an instant hit like some of the others we listed, but it is an interesting look back in time.

Although it’s not regularly updated with new features, this game is something of a time capsule and gives you some insight into what Roblox was almost ten years ago.

Pokémon Battle Brawlers really has that classic Pokémon feel to it, similar to the classic GameBoy Pokémon games. There is a lot of immersive adventure to be had in this game, which was created with a high attention to detail.

People still play this game, too. Although there are not as many players as the other games we have featured here, you will still usually be able to find a server with players online.

Lots of other Pokémon-themed games and content are available on the Roblox platform, too, but we think these five are the most solid examples, and as close to the real thing as possible. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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