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What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2022?

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2022?
Joy Sarcar

Joy Sarcar

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WhatsApp is one of the most common social media platforms used by 90% of people worldwide. In fact, since the launch of this app, users have enjoyed a lot of perks, like calling people overseas without having to deal with any roaming charges, international issues, video calls, processing payments, etc. 

But recently, WhatsApp has had numerous issues like security updates, slowed speed, identity risks, and more. Perhaps this is why people are looking for alternate options to perform all tasks as of WhatsApp but in a much smoother and safer manner. Owing to this reason, we have listed here some of the best options you have in your hand as alternatives to WhatsApp


Snapchat is one of the best platforms where you can chat with others, post status updates, make videos, edit photos, and so on. It is, in fact, almost like an alternative of WhatsApp and Instagram combined. Thanks to its social forum, everyone stays engaged without any issue.

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2022

Features of Snapchat

  1. Multi-Snap is suitable for sharing or editing multiple videos simultaneously, unlike WhatsApp, where you can edit one video at a time. 
  2. With the SnapMap, you will be able to locate your friends and their current positions on a real-time basis. 
  3. You can create your own story by adding pictures, videos, filters, texts, and other items like other social media. 
  4. Another amazing feature is the Geofilter which will help you add a filter on a particular location snap. 


Telegram is not just a platform for chatting or calling users. Instead, it’s more like a compact social media platform where you can create groups, share movies, links to web series, documents, and so on. With all these remarkable features, it has become one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. 

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2022

Features of Telegram

  1. You can create custom folders based on your requirements and store files and other multimedia content. 
  2. Auto downloading and auto-playing features are applicable for documents and multimedia contents, respectively. 
  3. Personal chats can be self-destructed for better security and privacy. 
  4. Editing of videos and photos is possible on the application itself. 


Skype is mainly used from a business perspective, thanks to all the integrated features that make it quite feasible for such purposes. It is primarily known for allowing users to connect through voice or video calls seamlessly without any disruption. Like WhatsApp, it will enable you to arrange a group voice call. But it also helps in a group video call which is not possible with WhatsApp. This sole functionality has created a lot of differences. 

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2022

Features of Skype

  1. With the help of Skype, you can make presentations and even share the files with all other users without any security concerns. 
  2. If a meeting is arranged, you will customize the views as an organizer. For example, all the members can see what’s presented in the presentation view. In contrast, the compact view will help you see the participants. 
  3. Thanks to its polling feature, you can quickly check the presentation’s views or a meeting to understand the progress.
  4. Skype Broadcast feature will allow you to arrange conferences and webinars with international users. 


Viber is another fantastic message that will allow you to chat with others through text messages. One of its best features is the VoIP technology that will help you send voice records on the go over the internet. In addition, it will offer end-to-end encryption not only for the chats but also for any other shared multimedia and document.

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2022

Features of Viber

  1. Viber Out will help you make voice calls to international users who aren’t using the app at the nominal possible rates. 
  2. If one user accesses the account from multiple devices, the chats and other files will be encrypted on each device. 
  3. Viber features a wide range of in-built games, which is not something you can enjoy with WhatsApp. 
  4. It will help you voice call or video call with other users like WhatsApp and encrypt the events completely for improved security. 


Threema is known for its high-level security and privacy of user data, chats, shared multimedia, and documents, and more than WhatsApp is yet to provide to its users. It’s more of a messaging app to connect with others through chat only. Even though you won’t get options for video and voice calling, the rest features are impressive undoubtedly. 

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2022

Features of Threema

  1. You can send secured text and voice messages like WhatsApp using the in-built recorder. 
  2. After creating a group, no one other than the members will know who is present. 
  3. Threema has launched a web application added to your local system as the desktop app for convenient chatting. 
  4. Like WhatsApp, you can share multimedia and documents more privately and securely.


It is a cross-platform instant messaging service which is designed and developed by Signal Messenger LLC and Signal Technology FOundation. Millions of people use Signal on day to day basis to interact with their loved ones. It is interesting to note that Signal was the first iOS app that encrypted end-to-end voice calls for free.

Features of Signal

  1. State of the art encryption that keeps your messages secure
  2. Messages are delivered quickly even with poor internet connectivity
  3. Feel free as the app doesn’t feature advertisements and trackers
  4. Use an existing mobile number to secure connection with anyone
  5. Signal’s enhanced audio and video quality offers high-end communication

Your gateway to communication

WhatsApp might be popular, but it has several drawbacks; security and privacy are the top two. Therefore, if you want to explore other alternatives or enjoy high-level protection and encryption of files and chats, you can try any apps and increase your work productivity at the same time.

Here are also some WhatsApp alternatives for chatting with your friends and family.

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