Bing gets new logo, better search results

Bing gets new logo, better search results

Microsoft is giving Bing a makeover with a new logo an experimental search features. The new logo features a triangular “B” with “bing” written in Segoe font, which brings Microsoft’s search engine up to speed with the flat design of Windows Phone. Tech companies all appear to be rebranding themselves, with Yahoo! changing its logo earlier this month.

Beyond a logo change, Microsoft has launched a preview site for Bing’s new, experimental features. Performance has been improved by offering up answers to queries before all search results load. This speeds up the user experience by giving (hopefully) the most relevant search results before waiting for more results to load. Microsoft calls this faster search loading, “Page Zero.”

weather in san francisco bing results

Microsoft also revealed “Pole Position” for Bing search results, which shows information Bing is confident about. For example, if you search “Weather in San Francisco,” Bing will highlight a five day forecast with the current weather conditions right at the top of the page. This is similar to what Google is doing with their Knowledge Graph, which also shows quick, relevant information at the top of the page. Social media is also now fully integrated into Bing, offering Twitter and Facebook results within the search page.

new bing combined


The updated Bing experience will work across devices, including PC, tablets, and phones. You can try it out for yourself at the Bing preview site.

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