Blender 2.44 released – improvements and new features

Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke

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blendersplash_244.pngPopular 3D modelling tool, Blender, has a new version out which includes not only the expected bug fixes but also a few interesting new features. The most significant additions are complete 64-bit compatibility and the brand new Subsurface Scattering material option which is designed to help with rendering of complex surfaces like skin or marble.

Full list of additions and updates:

  • Fully 64-bit compatible
  • New modifers were added (“Smooth” and “Cast”)
  • A couple of composite nodes were added
  • A revamp of the old mesh primitives was done
  • Blender 2.44’s new long-awaited but unexpected feature: subsurface scattering (SSS) support!
  • Bullet physics engine updated
Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke

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