Broadcast your Minecraft games live through

Broadcast your Minecraft games live through

You can now broadcast your Minecraft game live. With version 1.7.4, Minecraft adds the ability to transmit the game live via streaming. It’s easy!

What you need to broadcast your Minecraft games

  • Minecraft version 1.7.4 or higher
  • A Mojang account
  • A high-speed internet connection

If version 1.7.4 isn’t yet available for you, create a new profile in the Minecraft launcher and check the “Enable experimental development versions (“snapshots”)” option and select version 1.7.4 or higher.

Minecraft Launcher

1. Create an account on Twitch

To broadcast games live, Minecraft is connected to the servers, a free video game streaming service.

You can create an account in less than a minute if you connect through Facebook, otherwise you can fill in the standard form. Then click on the “Sign Up” button. sign up

2. Link the Twitch account to your Mojang profile

Once you’ve signed up to and confirmed your account, you need to connect it to your Mojang profile. If you have a classic Minecraft account, you might not know what I mean.

Once it’s identified on Mojang, you’ll see that there’s a new option on your profile to connect your account with the Mojang one.

Mojang Settings

Start the connection process by clicking on the link. A window will open to confirm the connection between the two accounts:


Authorize the connection. If everything’s gone well, this is what you’ll see on your Mojang profile:

Twitch connected to a Mojang account

3. Define the broadcast options on Minecraft

Minecraft (1.7.4 or higher) will now open – go straight to the options. You’ll see that there’s a new menu called “Broadcast settings”:

Minecraft broadcasting

Use the options to define the quality of broadcast and the server through which you want to stream your video. Please note that the video quality also depends on the power of your PC and the speed of your connection.

Minecraft broadcasting

4. Press F6 to transmit live

Once you’re in Minecraft, press F6 to start streaming. Two icons will appear in the top right corner of the screen, which’ll tell you that the video is being broadcasted and the microphone volume (you can deactivate it in the menu options).

Minecraft broadcasting

The video will appear on your channel. You can share it on Facebook and other social networks, and viewers can chat with you in real time.

Welcome to the The Truman Minecraft Show

Being able to transmit their adventures helps overcome one of the biggest issues for Minecraft players: loneliness. It’s also a great way to share knowledge, construction techniques and survival with a wider community.

Are you going to stream your Minecraft adventures?

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