How to install Minecraft mods the easy way

How to install Minecraft mods

There’s no limit to what you can do with Minecraft mods. Mods are modifications that extend or change aspects of Minecraft. These add-ons are created by players who want a feature added the official game that Mojang hasn’t got around to developing yet. Resource packages, on the other hand, are images that replace the originals in Minecraft so that objects look different. Servers are multiplayer versions of Minecraft that offer mod-like experiences without the need to actually install mods on your PC. Check out the best Minecraft servers.

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The images below are an example of what can be achieved with mods: The top image shows classic Minecraft without any modpacks, while the bottom shows a modded Minecraft with a graphics enhancement mod. The difference is amazing.

Minecraft mods
Minecraft before and after applying the SEUS mod and the Chroma Hills package

But how do you install mods? Minecraft doesn’t have an in-game modding option, meaning you have to use unofficial tools. After doing a bit of research, we found what appears to be the easiest system to install mods on Minecraft: Forge. users are talking about the best Mods and resource packs sites for Minecraft ForgeJoin the conversation now!

You used to have to Minecraft mods manually: you had to open the original game files (found in minecraft.jar), copy the mod, and delete a folder called META-INF. Unfortunately, this isn’t allowed in the latest version of Minecraft.

Fortunately, Minecraft Forge is an accessory that has been added to Minecraft, which makes it possible to create and install all kinds of mods. Forge is updated regularly and offers the closest thing there is to a Minecraft mods button.

Install a Minecraft mod
The main menu on Minecraft after installing Minecraft Forge
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How to use Microsoft Forge

1. Make a backup file

Before doing anything, make a backup of your Minecraft worlds. Open your file explorer, type % appdata%, and press Enter. Then go to /Roaming/.minecraft /saves.

How to install Minecraft mods

A folder with sub-folders corresponding to your saved worlds will open. Copy them to another folder to protect them from unknown errors. If something goes wrong, all you’ll have to do is copy them back into the original folder.

2. Download and install Minecraft Forge

Download the latest Minecraft Forge version. After downloading the file, double-click to open, and start the installation.

Leave the first option selected (Install client) and click OK. To verify that the installation was successful, open Minecraft, select the Forge profile and launch the game.

3. Download and install mods and resource packages

Finding mods can be tricky. You need to be aware of potential viruses and scams. Different versions of certain mods might be obsolete and won’t work, while a few will be incompatible with other mods. If you only download Forge mods with the latest version of Forge, however, you’ll avoid most of these problems.

How to install Minecraft mods
Three downloaded mod files. With Forge you won’t need to unzip the zip files

The best sites we’ve found for downloading mods and resource packs for Minecraft Forge are the official wiki listPlanetMinecraft, and the ResourcePack site. All mods and resource packages are in ZIP, RAR, or JAR format.

4. Copy the files in the /mods/ folder

Press Windows + R to open the Run window, type %AppData% and press Enter. Double-click on Roaming and then on .minecraft. There you’ll see the mods folder.

Copy the files you’ve downloaded into the mods folder. When you open Minecraft again, Forge will check the folder, looking for any changes.

As for the resource packs, these are opened from the Options > Resource packs option in Minecraft’s menu. Some mods require specific packages.

Install Minecraft mods

5. Run Minecraft and enjoy the mods

Time to play! Note that each mod has different controls and interfaces. Always read the instructions that come with them– they’re usually on the mod’s original website or are included as text files.

What if something goes wrong?

One of the good things about Minecraft is the profiles. Whatever happens on each profile doesn’t affect the rest, so you can have a profile with Forge alongside another one that doesn’t. This means if your Forge profile is corrupted, you can easily create a new one.

A simple and reliable method

There are other mod installers and managers like ModLoader or Bukkit, which are very popular, but if you want the easiest and most reliable installation process, I’d recommend using Forge.

Where to Download Minecraft Mods

There are endless places to download Minecraft mods. Of course, one of the best places is right here on Softonic in our Minecraft Mods section.

Looking for even more mods? Here are a few additional Web sites with constantly-updated lists of the best available Minecraft mods for download. None of these sites are officially affiliated with Minecraft, but they’re trustworthy and safe for downloading.

Minecraft Forum Planet Minecraft Top Minecraft Mods (Curse)

Safety Tips for Downloading Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is a popular game and Minecraft mods are a popular item to download. Unfortunately, popularity attracts people who want to do nasty things like infecting your computer with malware. With this in mind, it’s important to take a few precautions when downloading mods.

  1. Download only from known and trusted sources. We maintain a safe list of popular Minecraft Mods here on Softonic. You can also find relatively safe Mods to download at Minecraft Forum or Planet Minecraft (see above).
  2. Very popular mods are the least likely to cause problems. Read through user reviews and opinions of the Mods to make sure there aren’t widely reported problems before downloading.
  3. Scan all downloads with an antivirus product before installing/opening. This advice really applies to anything you download. Ever. Make sure you’re protected with a reputable antivirus product.
  4. Back up your .jar file (here’s how to locate it: find your Minecraft .Jar file) or even your entire Minecraft folder before installing a new mod. If something goes wrong, it’s easy to revert back to the way things were before.

Top Minecraft mods to download

There are new Minecraft mods released all the time, but some of them are perennial favorites. Here’s our list of the top 5 Minecraft mods overall.

1. TooManyItems

Let’s face it: in Minecraft you end up collecting a lot of stuff and the default inventory screen leaves a lot to be desired. That’s where TooManyItems comes in. This advanced inventory management mod helps bring order to the chaos with additional buttons and a clever inventory search tool.

Minecraft mods - TooManyItems

Too Many Items Download now

2. OreSpawn

OreSpawn is a complex, feature-packed mod that adds many different elements to the game. It’s practically a must-have for any serious Minecraft player looking to add new fun dynamics and gameplay to their Minecraft experience.

Minecraft mods - OreSpawn

3. Lucky Block

You should try out the Lucky Block mod if you want to add an element of chance to your Minecraft experience. It only adds one block to the game, but oh, what surprises that block can hold! Harvest the Lucky Block mod and then be surprised by what spawns. It can be one of over 100 different items — everything from simple food to dangerous monsters. Feeling Lucky?

Install Minecraft mods - Lucky Block

4. VoxelMap

VoxelMap is an upgraded mini-map and world map for Minecraft that enhances navigation in Minecraft. Use it to set waypoints, easily spot mobs, and view all of your surroundings.

Minecraft mods - VoxelMap

5. MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

Furniture Mod adds over forty different pieces of furniture to Minecraft, allowing you to decorate your in-game houses. It has everything from living room to kitchen furniture (yup, it even includes the kitchen sink!) You’ll be building your Minecraft dream house in no time!

Install Minecraft mods - MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

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