Broforce: the ultimate guide to unlocking all characters

Broforce: the ultimate guide to unlocking all characters

Broforce is a fast-paced action shooter with a cast inspired by the best American action movies ever made. Rambo, Barracuda, Chuck Norris and even Bruce Willis: stars from the 80s and 90s are ready to kick some pixellated butt.

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Attention: this list of characters, features and upgrade requirements apply to the Broforce Beta that was released on April 7, 2014. Some elements could change with the release of the final version of the game or subsequent updates.


Inspired by: John Rambo from the Rambo movies (played by Sylvester Stallone)

Unlocked after: 0 hostages freed (starting character)

Main attack: M60 machine gun (continuous shots)

Special attack: 6 grenades


Inspired by: John Matrix from Commando (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Unlocked after: 1 hostage freed

Main attack: Rocket-launcher

Special attack: 6-shot rocket

B.A BroracusBroracus

Inspired by: B. A. Baracus from The A-Team (played by Mr. T)

Unlocked after: 3 hostages freed

Main attack: Flamethrower (unlimited fuel)

Special attack: Exploding grenades

Brodel WalkerBrodel Walker

Inspired by: Cordell Walker from the series Walker, Texas Ranger (played by Chuck Norris)

Unlocked after: 5 hostages freed

Main attack: Shotgun (5 short-range bullets per shot)

Special attack: Air strike (5 missiles)

Bro HardBro Hard

Inspired by: John McClane from the Die Hard movies (played by Bruce Willis)

Unlocked after: 8 hostages freed

Main attack: Uzi (continuous shots, medium-range)

Special attack: Blinding grenades

Mac BroverMac Brover

Inspired by: MacGyver from the MacGyver series (played by Richard Dean Anderson)

Unlocked after: 8 hostages freed

Main attack: Dynamite (medium explosion zone)

Special attack: A turkey stuffed with dynamite (trigger by remote control by pressing the special attack button a second time)


Inspired by: Blade from the Blade movies (played by Wesley Snipes)

Unlocked after: 15 hostages freed

Main attack: Sword (very short range)

Special attack: Brade is propelled forward, destroying everything in his path (blocks and enemies)

Bro DreddBro Dredd

Inspired by: Judge Dredd from the movie Judge Dredd (played by Sylvester Stallone)

Unlocked after: 20 hostages freed

Main attack: Semi-automatic pistol (medium range)

Special attack: Remote-controlled missile (moderate damage)

Bro In BlackBro In Black

Inspired by: Agent J from the Men In Black movies (played by Will Smith)

Unlocked after: 25 hostages freeds

Main attack: The Noisy Cricket (strong recoil, long range)

Special attack: the Neuralyzer (long-distance beam that stuns enemies)

Snake BroskinSnake Broskin

Inspired by: Snake Plissken from Escape from New York (played by Kurt Russell)

Unlocked after: 31 hostages freed

Main attack: Sniper rifle (long-range, slow, significant damage)

Special attack: Molotov Cocktails


Inspired by: Terminator from the Terminator movies (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Unlocked after: 37 hostages freed

Main attack: Gatling gun (rapid fire, strong recoil)

Special attack: Temporary invincibility


Inspired by: RoboCop from the RoboCop movies (played by Peter Weller)

Unlocked after: 46 hostages freed

Main attack: Semi-automatic pistol (medium range, fire several shots at once by holding down the attack button)

Special attack: Homing bullets

Indiana BronesIndiana Brones

Inspired by: Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones movies (played by Harrisson Ford)

Unlocked after: 56 hostages freed

Main attack: Flare gun (medium range, low damage, inflame enemies)

Special attack: Whip (can reach elevated areas)

Ash BrolliamsAsh Brolliams

Inspired by: Ash Williams from the The Evil Dead movies (played by Bruce Campbell)

Unlocked after: 65 hostages freed

Main attack: Sawed-off shotgun, significant damage, slow, 5 bullets per shot)

Special attack: Ash Brolliams is propelled forward and kills enemies with his chainsaw

Bro AndersonBro Anderson

Inspired by: Neo from the Matrix movies (played by Keanu Reeves)

Unlocked after: 74 hostages freed

Main attack: Punches (very short range, can dash by pressing attack button)

Special attack: Bounces bullets back to the shooter for a short period

The Boondock BrosBoondock Bros

Inspired by: Conner and Murphy MacManus from the movie The Boondock Saints (played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus)

Unlocked after: 86 hostages freed

Main attack: Automatic pistols (if one of the two brothers dies, it fires more quickly)

Special attack: When the two brothers are alive, the special attack summons The Duke, a 3rd character who copies the player’s actions. When one of the brothers is dead, the special move resurrects him.


Inspired by: Machete from the Machete movies (played by Danny Trejo)

Unlocked after: 98 hostages freed

Main attack: Knife throwing (medium range, fast, significant damage)

Special attack: Ultra-rapid knife throwing (medium range, super-quick, significant damage)

Bronan the BrobarianBronan the Brobarian

Inspired by: Conan from the movie Conan the Barbarian (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Unlocked after: 113 hostages freed

Main attack: Sword (very short range, charge sword to deliver a devastating blow by pressing and holding the attack button)

Special attack: Bronan strikes the ground with his sword and destroys everything within a large range (enemies and blocks)

Ellen RipbroEllen Ripbro

Inspired by: Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies (played by Sigourney Weaver)

Unlocked after: 130 hostages freed

Main attack: Pulse Rifle (medium range)

Special attack: Flame thrower (long range, significant damage)

The Broforce heroes have no more secrets to hide from you. Now it’s time to choose your favorite, and let the pixel power flow!

Too impatient to wait for the game? Want to get down to the serious business of being a hero? Luckily for you, the Broforce developers have chosen to let players try the game for free on their website, so now you have no excuse not to have a go.

Play Broforce for free (web)

sources: steamcommunity, wikia


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