10 fun browser games to play with friends

10 fun browser games to play with friends
Leri Koen

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Is there anything better than relaxing with friends and playing fun browser games after a long day? Well, sometimes, having to download and install the games on every one of your friends’ computers can put a damper on things. Sometimes you want to get home, connect with friends and immediately jump into a game without any setup.

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This is where browser games can quickly become your best option. These games don’t require advanced computer specs, downloads, or installations. You launch them in your browser and start playing. Best of all, there are multiplayer browser games that enable you to play with your friends, no matter where in the world they are. Let’s look at ten fun browser games to play with friends.


Imposter is based on the popular mobile game, Among Us. In this fun browser game, friends can play together, completing various tasks assigned by the game. However, danger lurks nearby as there are imposters among the crewmates. The imposter will cause all kinds of havoc, from sabotaging tasks to killing crewmates. It’s up to the rest of the team to figure out who the imposter is.

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fun browser games to play with friends

Zombie Hunters Arena

Zombie Hunters Arena is a free multiplayer zombie shooter that you and your friends can play directly from your browser. There are many different levels to enjoy, and players will spawn at random places on each map. They have to fight their way through the undead hordes to find the portal to complete the level. Throughout the levels, players will be able to collect bonuses and upgrade their weapons.

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fun browser games to play with friends


Enjoy the classic game of Backgammon right on your browser with this fun browser game to play with friends. This game is entirely free to play, and you can choose to play against a friend or the PC if you need some extra practice. It also has the option of playing against a friend on the same device. You can play together at home, or even if your friends are in another country.

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Tic Tac Toe

Based on another popular board game, Tic Tac Toe Online lets players enjoy the nostalgia of the noughts and crosses game in their browser. You can play against the computer, with friends on the same device or even those in other countries. While the traditional Tic Tac Toe game is played on a 3×3 board, this browser version lets you extend the board to 5×5 or 7×7 to increase the challenge.

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Battleship War

This free-browser game is based on a childhood favorite. You place your ships on a grid, and your opponent does the same. Your goal is to first sink all of your opponent’s ships by guessing where they might be. You can collect points to buy special power-ups by hitting your opponent’s ships. This is a fun browser game to play with friends.

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Rummikub is a game that requires memory retention, cognitive skills and quick thinking. Each player is dealt a set of numbered tiles. They have to make combinations using these tiles to clear their hands. Once a player has placed all the tiles in their hand, they’re declared the winner. This popular game is now available for free in your browser so that you can easily play with friends.

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If you enjoyed playing dominoes growing up – get ready to fall in love again. This free browser game works just like the original Dominoes, and you can play against friends anywhere in the world. This popular tile game aims to get rid of all the tiles in your hand. To do that, you need to match up the color and value.

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8 Ball Pool

Enjoy a fun game of pool in the 8 Ball Pool browser game. The game uses real-world physics to ensure natural and realistic movements of the balls. The first ball potted will determine if your stripes or solids. You need to sink the balls in numerical order from the lowest value. The winner is the first player to sink all their balls, including the 8-ball. 

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Ono Card Game

This classical matching card game has entertained friends and families for many years. Now, it’s conveniently available in a free browser version so that you can continue to enjoy the game even if your friends are in other countries. The game’s goal is to match cards by color or value until you play out your entire hand. The first person with no cards left is crowned the winner.

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Assassin’s Creed Freerunners 

This free browser game is based on the popular franchise from Ubisoft. Players can choose their favorite Assassin and compete against friends in this fun runner. Players need to run through the different courses while avoiding obstacles. Try to beat your friends while also collecting the most coins.

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Play with friends without downloads and purchases

If you’re looking for a great way to unwind and enjoy video games with friends, browser games are a great option. They don’t require game purchases or installation and can only be enjoyed in the moment. Which of these ten fun browser games to play with friends is your favorite?

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