Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the most romantic episodes of series

Fans of series... you are not as alone as you thought.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the most romantic episodes of series
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Valentine’s Day is a loved date by some and hated by many others. It depends a bit on your marital status, actually. Although if you don’t have someone to spend this special date with, you can always grab a tub of ice cream and sit in front of the TV to watch how other people are happy with their partners.


To do this, there’s nothing better than turning to trusted series to see your favorite characters again in their cutest moments. Screen Rant has made a list of 10 essential episodes, and the truth is that any of them are worth it for February 14th.

The 10 best Valentine’s Day-themed episodes of TV shows

Following the list, it is clear that comedy series are the ones that take advantage of this type of commemoration the most to tell their own stories. Below we leave you with the most recommended ones for days when you feel lonely… or very well accompanied.

10. Valentine’s Day – The Office (2×16)

09. I Love Lisa – The Simpsons (4×15)

08. Anna Howard Shaw Day – Rockefeller Plaza (4×13)

07. Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Futurama (2×10)

06. The Day of the Friends – Parks and Recreation (2×16)

05. My Bloody Valentine – Supernatural (5×14)

04. The God of Love – Gravity Falls (2×9)

03. All you need is love – Grey’s Anatomy (8×14)

02. Anguish – The O.C. (1×19)

01. February 14th – And Just Like That… (2×7)

Undoubtedly, just like with Christmas episodes, American sitcoms are experts at creating special episodes about Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is choose your favorite series of this style and find out when they addressed it. There’s something for everyone and for every era.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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