ChatGPT, the new toy of fraudsters

Cybersecurity experts warn: artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT will be key to the increase in fraud and scams.

ChatGPT, the new toy of fraudsters


Artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT continue to be talked about for all the potential they hold. Writing essays, poems or even songs are just some of the things ChatGPT can do. The problem is that cybercriminals also want to take advantage of what these tools have to offer.


Companies like Kaspersky have already started to warn about it. One of the many things ChatGPT can do is write computer code and it is feared that it can help develop malware. The truth is that you no longer need to be a computer expert to be able to create your own malicious application and tools like ChatGPT will make this task even easier.

According to Check Point, cybercriminals are already marketing malware developed with the help of ChatGPT. As a counterpoint, users are also increasingly protected, but this is still not much help against criminals who are also better prepared.

Fraudulent links and social engineering, the ingredients for phishing

However, there is an even more worrying factor: the use of ChatGPT for phishing. As explained on Kaspersky’s website, the chatbot “enables the creation of persuasive, personalized and mass phishing emails”.

Phishing is one of the most common frauds used by cybercriminals. The attacker impersonates a company or entity to trick the victim into providing their data or downloading any type of malware. These scams usually occur via email, but it is increasingly common to see SMS or even WhatsApp messages.

One of the most important aspects that we must take into account in order not to fall is to pay special attention to the message. These usually have numerous spelling mistakes and lexical errors, typical of an automatic translation. This is where ChatGPT comes in, since it is capable of writing text using natural language and without spelling mistakes. Therefore, we must remain vigilant at all times and pay attention to the warning signs.



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