Check your PC into rehab

Check your PC into rehab

syspurifier1.jpgIf things continue the way they have been recently then we’ll soon have more celebrities in rehab than in the outside world. It’s not just hedonistic pop stars that need to get themselves clean though. Chances are, your PC is currently bloated with loads of unnecessary files that are causing a major health risk, slowing down your machine and exposing it to security breaches. Rather like a digitized rehab clinic, Jitbit System Purifier helps speed up your PC, protect your privacy by getting rid of obsolete files and deleting traces of your online activity.

There are four main actions available in Jitbit System Purifier: File Shredder to quickly erase unwanted files, Privacy Erasers to delete traces of your Internet activity, Disk Cleaner to remove temporary files from your drive, and Startup Programs to clean up the launching process of your PC. Each tool fared well in our tests and performed their tasks fairly quickly. We appreciated being able to carry out all of these tasks simultaneously, considerably reducing the time you spend cleaning up your PC. There wasn’t any problem running other applications while Jitbit is doing its job either. The Startup Programs option was particularly useful to find programs that we didn’t want to launch automatically.

The Privacy Eraser is an essential tool to protect you when browsing the net. Jitbit System Purifier is fairly successful at this task, removing cache, cookies, history and form auto-complete among other files. We were however disappointed to find out that the majority of privacy cleaning actions are aimed only at Internet Explorer. If you use Firefox you’ll only be able to remove cache and cookies, something you can already do in the Mozilla browser. Jitbit System Purifier doesn’t clean out registry files either, even though they are notoriously famous for quickly clogging a PC.

Jitbit System Purifier offers up the classic dose of PC cleaning tools like file shredding, removal of internet activity tracks and start-up program deletion. However, it lacks many basic cleaning up options and the privacy tool works almost exclusively with Internet Explorer, a peculiarity if you consider that nearly 15% of internet users worldwide now use Firefox. Jitbit System Purifier is a satisfactory cleaning utility if you still surf the net with Internet Explorer, but other users will turn to more efficient alternatives like Disk Cleaner or Anti Tracks.

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