Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro will be a rocket: The new A17 chip is amazing

A 25% improvement over the current generation

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro will be a rocket: The new A17 chip is amazing
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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We’ve been talking for a while now that the iPhone 15 Pro is going to be a huge game changer in terms of power, performance and also battery life. The reason for this leap in specs lies in one key component: the A17 Bionic chip.

A chip that now, as reported in iMore, has seen its benchmarks leaked. The results? Simply spectacular. A very, very important change that will translate into much better performance for this year’s iPhones.

Much more power with the same efficiency

Exact figures leaked on Weibo, the Chinese social network, show the alleged A17 Bionic hitting 3019 single-core and 7860 multi-core points on Geekbench 6. This makes the 2504 and 6314 of the iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 Bionic simply pale in comparison.

The leak, however, should be taken with some caution. The account has previously leaked some information with success, but it is too early to ensure the total reliability of the data. While the figures would fit with what we expect to see in terms of performance with TSMC’s move to 3nm, they have not yet been verified.

In any case, and if these values are confirmed, they represent an impressive leap in the A17 performance of the iPhone 15 Pro, outperforming the iPhone 14 Pro scores by 20% and 25% in each category respectively.

Recall that these figures are possible because the new architecture is able to provide a higher transistor density, which translates into a 15% increase in processing speed compared to the 5-nanometer architecture, or a 30% reduction in power consumption if the same speed is requested -something we have already seen when comparing the battery of the iPhone 14 Pro Max versus the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra-. This puts the A17 Bionic chip on par with many desktop processors, which in itself is quite an achievement.

For now we will have to wait to see the iPhone 15 Pro on a stage in Cupertino to have all the data with us, but the truth is that today’s leak fits everything we expect. A power improvement of 25% with the same power consumption thanks to a more efficient chip. That is the performance per watt that Apple tells us so many times and the reason why the iPhone 15 is preparing to give us more than one surprise.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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