Chrome Browser Adds Antivirus Protection

Chrome Browser Adds Antivirus Protection

Google wants to guarantee safe web browsing. To do this, it has added three new security-focused Chrome features: a detector that senses external attempts to alter our configuration, a simplified Chrome Cleanup tool, and a much more powerful Cleanup engine. All in all, these new features add new antivirus protection to its flagship browser.

Lately, many fake extensions have appeared on Chrome that can change the configuration of your browser without your knowledge. For example, they can change your default search engine or force you to visit a page infested with malware. Now, however, Chrome will alert you whenever an extension tries to change your settings and will allow you to restore your default configuration with a single click.

You can also reset your configuration by visiting the following address:


Chrome Cleanup is an upgraded Chrome feature that alerts you whenever you’ve downloaded software that includes an unexpected component (such as a virus). While a version of this feature existed before, Google has made its alert system much more obvious, and it now allows you to eliminate the potential threat in a simpler way.

Finally, the Cleanup engine has been upgraded to become a kind of light antivirus. It now detects potential threats that have stealthily downloaded themselves, and are trying to run without your permission.

Google warns that this is not a complete antivirus solution, but it does prevent you from entering malicious pages, installing malicious extensions, and downloading malicious files. This will make your browsing experience more secure, but if you want to protect the rest of your computer, you will have to download a reputable antivirus program.

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