Clearing Market Search History on Android

combo.pngWhatever your reason – risque or not – you might be looking for a way to clear your Android Market search history, which gets crowded pretty quickly. Unfortunately, wiping the slate isn’t as easy as I expected – there’s no easy option and even popular old wives’ tales circulating online, such as clearing the Market cache, just don’t work.

It seems a major oversight on Android’s part, but as far as I can see, there’s no built-in option. Ironically, it would seem that you have to search for and install a new app to get the job done, and internet sources point to two – HistoryEraser and MarketSearchEraser (Android 1.5). Even more extreme, you could try a factory reset (how to do this depends on the phone, but as usual, Google is your friend!) – but there will be other consequences, such as data loss.

Personally, I don’t feel guilty enough about my searches to bother with new apps, but maybe one or two of you out there will consider it. Let us know how you get on!

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