Convert eBooks with Mac eBook Converter

Convert eBooks with Mac eBook Converter

If you want to read an eBook on your iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader or Nook Reader but it’s in the wrong format, then a simple tool called Mac eBook Converter can convert them. Mac eBook Converter converts between ePub, PDF and Mobi formats so that you can read your books anywhere. It doesn’t have the slickest interface, but Mac eBook Converter converts to just about any format.

Here’s how to convert eBooks with Mac eBook Converter.

1. Select the document that you want to convert and drag it into the Mac eBook Converter interface.

2. Then go to the bottom left of the interface and change the Output Format to the desired one. In this example, we’re converting from PDF to ePub for iPad.

3. Then simply click the green arrow button at the bottom right of the interface.

Be patient because the conversion process can take a while depending on how big the document is. In this example, a 90-page document took around three minutes to convert. To find your converted document in ePub format, just go to the Epubor folder. If you can’t find it, use Spotlight.

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