See the best cosplayers of E3 2019

See the best cosplayers of E3 2019
Trevor Hutchins

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Cosplay is cool!


Some people can’t stand the idea of wearing a strange getup at Halloween. Others will gladly put hundreds of dollars into the designing, sewing, and machining true-to-life costumes based on their favorite characters.

For those who think dressing up in outlandish costumes and playing the personality and mannerism of the source character seems totally weird, that’s alright. You don’t have to fully embrace the hype (although the phrase “don’t knock it until you try it” comes to mind…), but we ask you to recognize how impressive these outfits are!

Now, before we go on, we should note: E3 cosplay works a little differently. Comic-Con, Anime Expo, MomoCon, and many of the other large cons have a huge emphasis on costumes, but the Electronic Entertainment Expo puts more emphasis on games, which many of the cosplays you’re about to see are promotional. Just wanted to let you know up front.

Now! Here are the…

Cosplayers of E3 2019

These… These People

These PeopleWho are these people? No idea. Admittedly, we forgot to ask. To the best of our knowledge, they were a well-dressed promotional troupe, seeing as their group looks like the unlikely combination of a pompadour-wearing Daft Punk member, the ninja from Furi, and an airplane director who rushed to work after a rave.

If we’re joking about your fandom, please let us know, and sorry in advance! Kind of. The point is, these folks look great!

Yokai Kitchen

these other people

Yokai: Japanese monster spirits.

In FriendTimes Inc. new game, Yokai Kitchen, you can help them serve food! To promote their game, these two well-dressed cosplayers were moseying around the convention center.

Devil May Cry 5 and Something Else

Dante and FriendsWe just happened to catch Dante from Devil May Cry 5 and these two characters from…something. When directed to their booth, we discovered there were very few English translations to be found, but we grabbed a snapshot of their sign! Check it out (and please help translate in the comments if possible):

What is this name?

All the Fortnite!

Cuddle TeamCuddle Team Leader signing in!

The Fortnite booth had a ton of cosplayers making the rounds, doing the dances, and generally being fantastic portrayals of the various playable characters. For example…

BushWait…never mind, that’s just a bush.

We did, however, get the chance to dance with a Frozen Red Knight! They had some pretty slick moves, but we were able to keep up pretty well with some triple-time Hype and lanyard-breaking Orange Justice!

Right? Right…

Yep. Bulletproof performance.


Wario, baby!Yep, just Wario. Holding a Game and Watch. Because really, do you need anything else?

(So jealous of that ‘stache, dude, A+ cosplay right there.)

Lightmass. No, Linux. Wait, Lady Butterfly! *sigh* She’s from Apex Legends.

Apex LadyYes, folks, it’s Lady Apex!

Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better costume for Captain Lasky. We were able to grab a business card from this cosplayer, Michelle, you can find her at Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Michelle/Rock Lee’s Baby Mama (@tattedpoodle) on

(And before anyone gets too hot and bothered…yes, we know the character is actually Lifeline)

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link!What gaming expo would be complete without the Hero of Time?

If anyone’s wondering, this version comes from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in which Link dresses up as a Gerudo woman to sneak into a city for women only. You get to ride a sand seal, you take out a camel (the divine beast Naboris), it’s all quite an adventure!

Darksiders: Genesis

DarksidersThere’s the article thumbnail! These impressively dressed folks were promoting the upcoming isometric dungeon crawler, Darksiders: Genesis.

We’ve seen a lot of great costumes for characters we already know, which impressed us because of our familiarity. It’s a rare but welcome occurrence to find outfits you don’t immediately recognize but want to know better. Round of applause for the creators’ effort!

Destroy All Humans


Crash course for this game: you’re an alien who lands on Earth and decides to destroy all humans. Consider yourself briefed, soldier.

While these weren’t the most high-effort cosplays out there, we did find the entire crew to be quite interesting as a group together!

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


We found this soldier walking the South hall promoting the upcoming Tom Clancy release. Trust us: around the Ubisoft booth, there were an army of personnel such as these!

Frankly, it’s always interesting to see military cosplayers when there are security guards around a convention. It takes a moment to realize, “Oh, right, Albion really doesn’t seem like an actual event management firm”. Still, you never know…

Final Fantasy


A knight of Final Fantasy, reportedly game XIV. Check out those majestic epaulettes, the rich cloak, the finely-crafted sword! Beautiful.

Last but not Least: Final Fantasy XII

TifaAnother staple of gaming conventions: Tifa Lockheart!

Tifa was a fan favorite since the release of OG Final Fantasy 7, and now that the remake has stormed the internet with insanely well-updated graphics, you should expect many more cosplayers dressed as her!

Also, if you forgot which Final Fantasy this is, here’s the one piece of information that really matters: this game has the Buster Sword.


Thanks for looking through! we hope you enjoyed a few of the awesome cosplays of E3 2019. Think you’d like to attend next year’s event? Here’s what you’ll need to know to attend E3.

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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