Fortnite: Season 8 Week 4 Challenge Guide

Fortnite Season 8’s fourth week of challenges has arrived. There are several multi-stage challenges in this week’s set, which means finishing off all these challenges might take a bit longer than previous weeks. Be patient and persistent and you’ll be able to polish off this week’s set and earn yourself some Battle Stars.

Fortnite: Season 8 Week 4 Challenge Guide

Landing Challenge

The classic landing challenge is back. Drop in at the following locations to complete the challenge.

  • Stage 1: Land at Tilted Towers.
  • Stage 2: Land at Junk Junction.
  • Stage 3: Land at Retail Row.
  • Stage 4: Land at Happy Hamlet.
  • Stage 5: Land at Pleasant Park.

Use a Baller in different matches (5)

fortnite week 4 challenges baller
Image courtesy Epic Games

The Baller is a recent addition to the game’s vehicle roster. Essentially a giant hamster ball, you can use the Baller to roll and swing across the map at ludicrous speeds. As far as spawn locations go, you’ll want to look in the same spots that X-4 Stormwings spawned in Season 7. This means Expedition Outposts and Frosty Flights. Hop into a Baller over the course of 5 different matches and this challenge will be finished.

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Get an elimination with a scoped weapon and a suppressed weapon

fortnite week 4 challenges suppressed scoped
Image courtesy Epic Games

The instructions on this one are pretty straightforward. As with all elimination based challenges, this one should be easiest to do in a match of Team Rumble. Snag yourself your favorite supressed gun, like a Covert Pistol or Suppressed SMG, then grab a scoped weapon. Snipers should fit the bill. Eliminate an opponent with each weapon to complete this challenge.

Eliminate opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park (3)

Another elimination challenge, this one should be easy to complete in a match of Team Rumble. Simply head to the above locations and start picking off enemies to finish the challenge.

Launch yourself through structures with a pirate cannon (25)

One of the wackier challenges of the season, you’re tasked with turning yourself into a human cannon ball. First, you’ll need to find a pirate cannon at Lazy Lagoon or a pirate outpost. When you approach the cannon, you’ll see a few button prompts, including one that will let you climb inside the cannon. Simply adjust your aim and fire to send yourself hurtling skyward. Aim for the nearest structures; once you’ve blown through 25 of them, this challenge will be done.

Search for buried treasure (2)

fortnite buried treasure week 4 challenges
Image courtesy Epic Games

Time to go on a treasure hunt, me hearties! Snag yourself one of the treasure map items and you’ll see a glowing beacon in the distance. Follow the map to the beacon, then mine the X on the ground to unearth a treasure chest. These chests contain several legendary items, so you’ll be able to get a leg up on your enemies by completing this challenge. Find two chests to finish this one.

Outlast Challenge

This final multi-stage challenge will task you with outlasting a certain number of enemies. Completing this one should be simple: just stay alive for as long as possible.

That’s another week in the bag. As always, be sure to check back with Softonic for the latest Fortnite news and challenge guides.

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