Create a desktop shortcut for USB devices

Create a desktop shortcut for USB devicesMost users will agree that the Windows OS has quite a few flaws, especially when compared to other operating systems like Mac OS or Linux. One of these small imperfections is the way Windows handles USB memory sticks when you plug them into your PC: it’s slow, complicated and shows up a bunch of annoying dialog windows.

After showing you how to eject USB devices faster or even completely disable the autoplay window, here’s another trick that can help you improve the way you manage your USB memory devices in Windows. It’s called Desk Drive and it’s a small app that creates a desktop shortcut for your USB device as soon as you plug it into your PC. That’s it: exactly as Mac OS and Linux do.

Desk Drive works in a very easy way: launch the program and it’ll sit unobtrusively on the system tray. The moment it detects a USB memory stick has been plugged to the computer, it will create a shortcut for it on the desktop. Your USB device is ready to use!

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