Create a new fashion look with Polyvore

Amber Sass


Do you enjoy shopping but despise dealing with throngs of customers and pushy sales people? Me too. By the time I’ve gathered up enough clothing to want to try on, I’m already wishing I could head home. Especially during the holiday season, shopping can easily become more than a little stressful.

Luckily, for people like us there’s Polyvore. Hundreds of different clothing designers’ products are available at your fingertips on this site. You can mix and match shirts with pants, shoes, purses, and hair accessories. When you’re done, choose an appropriate background for your chosen attire to get an even better idea of how the outfit will look. You can even save your favorite collages on the profile of your Polyvore account. Then others can opt to “like” your collages or leave an appreciative comment if they so choose.

This is great for people who want to avoid the rush of the holiday shopping season or, in the alternative, compare prices between clothing brands. Polyvore even allows you to purchase products directly from their site if you’re comfortable buying without trying on. And, since you can connect to Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger, the ability to share your unique fashion ideas with friends and family is only a quick click away.

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