Create and collect comics on your computer

Desperate DanEver since my Desperate Dan Cow Pie Eater badge arrived in the post in a black plastic wallet when I was about nine I have been an avid fan of the comic book. OK, so I was a Dandy when it was cool to be a Beano but then Dandy always came with a Wham bar and Korky the Cat. And my brother got The Beano. Still I guess you’re not interested in any of this if you’re not from the UK. And even if you are chances are you’re getting a bit bored. I expect you’re one of those Manga people. Or a Marvel. In fact I bet you’ve never even tried Space Dust. Whatever your taste, there are plenty of great apps to read and create your very own comics.

  • Comic Life – Use photos to turn your life into a comic book
  • Comic Book Creator – Excellent comic creator: drag in images, add effects
  • ComicRack – Read real comic books on your PC
  • ComicBase – For serious comic collectors – manage thousands of editions
  • ComicReader – Huge collection of titles like Dilbert and the brilliant Calvin and Hobbes
  • Manga Studio – Hee-hah whoa-yah, create incredible flying Manga cartoons
  • Daily Garfield Reader – Unlimited doses of the fat, lasagne-loving cat, and Odie!
  • iComic (Mac) – Download your fave comics off the web, read them offline
  • Comic Book Lover (Mac) – View, read, organize and add to your immense collection
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