Create your own Icy Tower character

Create your own Icy Tower character

Harold the Homeboy has become something of a cult hero in gaming circles now following the success of Icy Tower. However, due to the addictive nature of the game you end up spending so much time with the little dude that it’s possible to become sick of the sight of him (especially if you want to be as good as the player in this video).


The good news is it’s possible to give Harold a makeover using the built-in templates files. Enter the “\icy tower\characters\template” folder in Windows Explorer and click on the paintbrush icon to open a sprite version of the character. Press Ctrl + E to open up the sprites for editing Use the editor to tweak the character’s design, ensuring that every part of every sprite is the same colour. Make sure you don’t go out of Harold’s green outline (though you can change the colour of this outline). Now save the image and play the game with the template character selected.

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