Cut the Rope 2 arrives on Android

Cut the Rope 2 arrives on Android

Cut the Rope 2 has finally arrived on Android, now available as a free download in both the Google Play and Amazon App stores. The sequel to the popular game has been available for iOS since December, but it wasn’t until just a few days ago that developers from ZeptoLab announced its availability on Android.

The long-awaited sequel comes with new features including power-ups, hints, customization, interactive maps, and new missions for each level.

Cut the Rope 2 for Android

CEO of ZeptoLab, Misha Lyalin, says they have been “working hard to bring new content and challenges to this free version, while maintaining all of the fun and simplicity that made Cute the Rope 2 great.” They also thanked Android fans for their patience.

ZeptoLab also took the game’s Android launch as an opportunity to announce that Cut the Rope games have now been downloaded more than half a billion times on iOS and Android devices, a number which is sure to see an increase with the newest Android release.

Source: Polygon


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