Do You Know How AutoCAD Is Adding You in Your Life?

Know more about the power of Autocad and what is beyond some of the most popular movies

Do You Know How AutoCAD Is Adding You in Your Life?
Priyanka Monteiro

Priyanka Monteiro

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For over two decades, Hollywood has made good use of Autodesk technology. Some of the movies have gone to win awards and international recognition. Examples of such movies include Pinocchio and Avatar: The Way of Water. These movies have made good use of tools such as ShotGrid and Maya to bring characters and scenes to life.

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How Does Autodesk Help? 

Autodesk has been used as a secret weapon by various Hollywood artists for several years. Autodesk designs amazing movies that inspire and entertain millions. ShadowMachine is another stop-motion production company that brought Pinocchio to life. The movie was directed by Guillermo del Toro and was reimagined by Mark Gustafson.

ShadowMachine created the motion retelling from Portland and used Autodesk ShotGrid before production to help with project management. There were 99 different sets for Pinocchio and ShadowMachine used ShotGrid to keep track of all the assets used. This also included tiny objects like wood shavings or glasses. ShotGrid helped track the entire process and made it easy for over 250 artists that were working on the movie.

Construction Cloud

Ever since Autodesk Build was launched in 2021, Autodesk has been working on improving the construction experience. This brought about the creation of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). The ACC helped bring digital buildings to life. The ACC constantly adds new capabilities and connects critical workflows to help the ever growing demand for infrastructure.


AutoSpecs is the latest addition to ACC. It gives users a connected and cohesive submittal experience. With AutoSpecs, customers can generate submittal logs within minutes. It helps automates this process that takes weeks to complete and is usually error-prone. With this automation by AutoSpecs, teams can spend more time understanding the specifications of the project. They can also focus on tasks that are more important, while ensuring the submittal log is robust and accurate.

The construction team can also use AI to identify any submittal items that are missing before they turn into costly errors. AutoSpecs analyzes the project specification against historical data. It then suggests potential submittals that are missing from the specifications.

Users can also push the submittal log directly into Autodesk Build with the help of direct integration. This enables users to track the status of submittals. They can also create review processes, mark up and annotate submittals, and save closed submittals.

With the help of Autodesk Build and AutoSpecs working together in ACC, many teams will see an increase in efficiency as far as the submittal process is concerned. This reduces the risk of missing submittals. All users that purchased ACC for automating their construction operations can access AutoSpecs once it is released on 21st March, 2023.

Mobile and Web Experience

With the help of ACC, teams can now focus on connecting workflows and data across different project phases. Autodesk is making connections stronger each day. It is helping streamline data across various project stakeholders. Another part of successful project execution is staying connected at all times and staying mobile is the key.

With this in mind, the mobile app is now called Autodesk Construction Cloud. The ACC app offers access to all project information in one place. Users can access information from Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Build, PlanGrid, and Autodesk BIM Collaborate. The best part is everything can be accessed even when users are offline.

Teams can also use the app to navigate BIM models and drawings. They can also create markups and annotations, collaborate on checklists and various issues, and do a lot more.

Connected Experience

With these updates, more functionality is now available to users. It also presents a cohesive experience and enables them to enhance and customize their experience with the help of ACC. It also gives customers a chance to revisit their clients’ needs as they innovate, run, and grow their business.

Autodesk is committed to building trust with customers. It listens to their pain points and adds value where it is most needed. Autodesk is committed to helping customers discover a predictable and safer jobsite with the help of ACC.

Priyanka Monteiro

Priyanka Monteiro

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